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Collaboration and communication doesn’t only spell innovation for any business but success and continuous operations too. There are many businesses that operate at a global level and have teams working in different geographies. Enterprises are always looking for solutions that bridge the gaps between their global workforce by allowing them to organise video or audio discussions smoothly.

Exigo Tech offers a line of state-of-the-art Yealink conferencing solutions that brings employees on the same platform. These instruments are equipped with easy controls, excellent touch capabilities and more that indeed delivers superior experiences and simplifies the entire process of hosting a video or audio conference. Let’s get in touch to equip your workspace with the latest solutions that spark communication and innovation!

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What We Offer

We, before suggesting solutions, examine your IT and network infrastructure to ensure that you are able to deploy super-effective Yealink solutions without incurring any extra infrastructure or overhead costs.

Small Room Video Conferencing Solutions

Invest in a solution that offers a range of exotic features such as 4K video, wide-angle camera, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and allows maximum of 6 participants to host or join video/audio conference.


Medium Room Video Conferencing Solutions

Make collaboration an invigorating activity for your teams by getting a feature-packed Yealink solution that delivers an ultra-wide angle camera so that you are able to include up to 12 participants in a single frame without major adjustments.


Large Room Video Conferencing Solutions

Allow collaboration and discussion activities to be easy with a video conferencing solution for more than 12 participants.

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