Why your small business needs enterprise-grade security?

Research and reports worldwide show that cyberattacks are on the rise. The year 2017 saw ransomware infections on huge business houses such as Merck and Maersk and also cyberattacks on some US spy agencies and healthcare institutions such as NHS.

The ‘bad guys’ are constantly making headlines by finding new ways to infiltrate networks, steal data, hold assets to ransom or wreak havoc in newer ways and for reasons only known best to them. Cyberattacks are now common place and yet many small business owners continue to believe that their company won’t be targeted. Do you know the price of recovery after a cyberattack? Are you willing to risk what you have built for yourself and your small business?

I believe, big or small, all companies today need enterprise-grade security. Why you may ask? Listed below are my top 5 reasons.

So, why does your small business need enterprise-grade security?

    1. Data, data, data

      Your data is all over the place – the operating system, the cloud, the devices, applications, etc. You can be attacked from any direction. Is your business secure at all ends?

    2. Cyberthreats are rampant and they change quickly

      Let’s face it – There are no safe places left to hide from cyberattackers. Cyberthreats are everywhere, they are diverse and there are so many that their sheer volume creates the high likelihood that attackers will penetrate a company’s defense at some point.

    3. Cyber attackers do not discriminate

      Small or big don’t matter – In fact, the smaller the business, the greater the chances of it being attacked, since small companies do little to protect themselves. We’re just not going to hear of many of these cyberattacks on small businesses, right?

    4. Your business networks are open

      You are connected – and that is a huge threat. With social media, the new connected world and the modern workplace environments, there’s so much at stake. Cyberattackers are always looking for new ways to breach into your business through these open, unprotected channels.

    5. Your people are a liability

      Employees – we can’t do without them. Big or small, your employees are a business risk when it comes to cybersecurity and anyone can be victims of phishing attacks or opening emails with viruses.

So, now you know why I think that cybersecurity should be a top priority for any business. And you are probably right in also assuming that it will cost your small business a fortune. I can understand that with limited budgets, securing a small business may not seem like top priority and it sure can prove to be tricky. However, there is no such thing as “security perfection”. A penny-wise, pound-foolish approach to security threats will end up costing you dearly. Luck doesn’t always favour you.

With the right technology, the right habits and the right mindset, you can defend against the worst. Don’t wait until it’s too late to take action. You already know what’s at stake.

Identify your threats, take the steps and secure your business from a full-fledged cyberattack. In a world that is now built on mobility and connectivity, Exigo Tech provides all the tools you need to stay safe and secure. Contact us today to learn how you can keep your business running effectively, without the worry of security.

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