Why Your Enterprise Needs to Embrace Digital Transformation in 2018

With digital technology seeping into every aspect of any business, there is an unprecedented shift in the market landscape. The way data is collected, analysed and interpreted has revolutionised the way business is done – right from inventory to sales. With so much happening on the business front, it is not wrong to say that digital transformation is indeed facilitating the future of innovation.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is all about using the right mix of technological advances to enhance productivity and gain a competitive edge. This includes various aspects of a business from improving customer experience to maximising product efficiency and widening the overall customer reach. By adopting digital transformation, you are bringing IT, people and processes together onto a common platform. Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft, says that small and big businesses must adapt digitisation, not for survival but to thrive and most importantly to not fall behind.

By implementing digital transformation, not only will you survive, but you will also succeed in the competitive market. However, harnessing this technology can be intimidating. Therefore, Microsoft has developed numerous applications that will help you embark on the journey of digital transformation regardless of the size of your business and the industry you belong to.

Ten reasons to take your business on the digital transformation route in 2018

  1. Business insights

    Big data is not a foreign term now. With the growth of the Internet of Things, it is apparent that you will be flooded with data from all directions. If you get the right apps and tools, this powerful data can reveal trends, patterns and association that will help you make informed business decisions. The modern technology is capable of analysing and storing huge data and making it available whenever you need.

  2. Customer engagement

    Customer centric companies are 60% more profitable compared to businesses who don’t follow this approach. With correct execution of digital transformation strategies and all the supporting tools in the right place, you can deliver enhanced customer experience. Furthermore, using the contact details and inquiry statuses stored in applications like Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can directly get in touch with your consumers in real time, solve their queries, note their feedbacks and build your brand image.

  3. Empower employees

    Giving your organisation a digital spin can sound daunting at first. But business benefits such as improved collaboration between employees regardless of their location makes the change worthy. Digital transformation offers consolidated and 24*7 access of centralised file storing and collaboration tools that connects workforce across different time zones and geographies.

  4. Real time data sharing

    Real time sharing of data across teams overcomes barriers and accelerates innovation. Moreover, remote access to email, networks and instant messaging provides employees the flexibility to work from anywhere and any device. Considering that mobility is an indispensable part of today’s workforce, digital transformation is certainly the pick for 2018.

  5. Globalisation

    With constant connectivity between teams regardless of time and location, businesses now have the entire world as their market. Having the right digital transformation strategy enables you to manage the entire procurement cycle. Apart from procurement and inventory management, there is a lot more that digitisation helps you with when it comes to catering to the global market. In a nutshell, technology equips you with everything that is a prerequisite to knock on the door of globalisation.

  6. Optimising operations

    By using advanced analytics and Internet of Things, you can maximise the efficiency of your operations and streamline processes by developing better communication between systems, products and services. Collaboration and automation of disparate processes driven by digital transformation enables you to take appropriate business decisions ultimately leading you to achieve your goals.

  7. Keep up with market

    Admit it or not, but keeping up with the rapidly growing market is a necessity today. If you fall behind your competitors, your market share will certainly drop. Staying abreast of emerging new technology is the key to success in the current market scenario.

  8. Reduced risks

    Correct and thoughtful implementation of digital transformation reduces the chances of failure to a great extent. By automating workflows, communication and processes, digitisation is making organisations ready to face future challenges. Furthermore, the ability to remain in touch with customers and collect feedback in real time ensures that you never miss out on any of the requirements and every issue is addressed properly.

  9. Scope of innovation

    Digitisation allows you to create enough room for improvements and innovations. Since technology improves collaboration, agile employees can continuously communicate, exchange or discuss ideas and hence introduce changes in company deliverables.

  10. Digital products and services

    With innovative changes in the marketplace and the internet opening up many shopping avenues, customers are ready to pay for digital services along with the physical products. Hopping on the digital transformation bandwagon offers all the right tools required to create exciting digital experiences for your existing customers.

Make the most out of digital transformation with Microsoft Dynamics 365

With digital transformation and automation for your business, you are guaranteed operational efficiency and business ease. With teams adopting better processes and systems, there is a substantial change in the customer experience as well. To ensure that you successfully and easily build a digitised organisation, investing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a wise decision. Being an intelligent combination of CRM and ERP, it helps streamline business processes and applications, ultimately enabling you to take the right business decisions and focus on more important aspects of your business. Being a highly customisable platform, Dynamics 365 can be tailored to satisfy your exact requirements.

We recommend that you initially invest in experts who will guide you on the path of digital transformation and help you figure out the areas where Microsoft Dynamics 365 will find its applications in your business scenario. To know how Exigo Tech can accelerate your digital transformation journey, download the guide.


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