Get more from your data network and infrastructure.

Keep your Focus on your Business and Customers

At Exigo Tech, we understand the importance of data networks and infrastructure. Being the backbone for your business, we believe that your network should be dynamic and should enable you to seize opportunities as your company grows, while maximising resources.

As a Telstra partner, we bring in Telstra MPLS network via NEXTIP to ensure quality and stability to your business.

With our partner solutions, you can

  • Expand your
    business operations
  • Maximise your
    network performance
  • Increase
  • Improve your
    application performances

What We Offer

We bring you network and infrastructure solutions along with our partner, Telstra to provide you stability and focus on business growth.


Business Infrastructure

Our network infrastructure solutions will help you connect with your people, customers, services and products seamlessly over our fully integrated private or public, fixed or mobile networks.

Get more from our Network Services:

  • VPN Services – Increase collaboration
  • Internet Services – Rely on a stable, secure and high-performance connection
  • Cloud Gateway Services – Connect to multiple cloud platforms with a private and secured connectivity

Managed Networks

Application development

Do not have the time to manage your networks? Let us help you stay focused on your business.

Get more from our Managed Network Services:

  • Wi-Fi Services – Increase your productivity with managing your people and assets with a secure network
  • Network Performance Management – Improve operational efficiency and get reliable support on networks
  • Network Equipment and Maintenance – Reduce costs and get competitive pricing on network equipment
  • Application Performance Management – Improve performance of enterprise level applications with visibility and on-demand network scalability
  • Managed Data Centre Switching – Get greater agility and improve business continuity

Programmable Networks

If you are looking for networks that can evolve with your business, we have the programmable solutions for you.

The Telstra Programmable Network includes:

  • Data Centre Interconnect
  • Cloud Gateway
  • Tailored SD-WAN

With Telstra Programmable Network, You Can:

  • Have control and flexibility
  • Adapt in real time
  • Seize opportunities
  • Evolve to meet demands of the Digital era

Your Next Step

Collaborate with us to accelerate your business growth!

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