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Web Application Security Services from Exigo Tech – Sealing all the Security Loopholes During Application Development

In the wake of businesses adopting digital transformation strategies, businesses are moving their confidential resources to the internet. Also, the security breaching trends are changing. Hackers now targeting your business applications before they go for your network resources. The application development has become more modern by leaps and bounds. The terms cloud migration, container adoption and microservices have become quite common amongst developers. But the word application security is not discussed that often! We at Exigo Tech give you the full flexibility of engineering your business applications as we shoulder the responsibility of securing your applications at every stage of the development cycle

We find vulnerabilities in the application code regardless of the platforms on which they are developed. Under our web application security services umbrella, we train your developers to adopt a security-focused approach while tailoring applications. We assess vulnerabilities in your application and provide you with a report. The threats mentioned in the report are prioritised upon the associated risks and the remediation measures are also mentioned. 

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We back you up with the latest security tools to accelerate your application development process.  
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Reduce the number of vulnerabilities during the development and implementation process

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Enhance the security posture of your organisation

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Gain more customers by delivering innovative and secured applications

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Lower the remediation costs by eliminating vulnerabilities during development

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What We Offer

We scan your application as an authorised or unauthorised user to put an end to all the possibilities of vulnerabilities in your application.
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Database Security

We offer a range of services such as physical database security, firewall deployment, database encryption, user credentials’ management, isolation of sensitive databases, database auditing and much more to maximise database protection and minimise the possibilities of cybersecurity attacks or threats.

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Source Code Scanning

We adopt a holistic approach to be able to identify even the smallest and the most hidden flaw in the source code that could leave your application vulnerable. We make it a point to check your applications on a regular basis especially when there is a platform or technology change.

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Web Security

We address the most critical security challenges by building a secured layer across your content management systems, database administration tools and SaaS applications. We equip you with the tools that immunes your applications against malicious attacks.

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Application Security

We make your applications immune to any threats or vulnerabilities as we offer security solutions for every stage of the development cycle. We review application codes and design architectures at regular intervals to eliminate any flaws.

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Managed Services

We evaluate your mobile and web applications to ensure that the security controls are ingrained properly at the desired levels and no loophole is present for the bad actors to enter your environment.

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