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Businesses today are drastically turning to cloud based solutions for their communication and collaboration needs. This has become increasingly common for enterprises because cloud-based systems and apps offer greater flexibility, convenience and a richer set of features to address the need of the modern workforce. Due to the increasing use of cloud-based services, companies often face the problem of consuming more wide area network (WAN) bandwidth than their network can handle. This in turn can result in drag internet speeds, poor communication performances and decreased productivity. Enterprises have coped with this challenge by adding more bandwidth or by combining MPLs with dedicated internet access, cable and ethernet but the results are time-consuming and costly.

SD WAN VeloCloud solutions, combines the dynamic and intelligent traffic routing of SD WAN with consulting and professional services to help you create a tailor-made hybrid WAN solution that utilises the best available access options. VeloCloud provides an architecture that decouples the network management, forwarding functions, control, enables network control to be directly programmable and abstracts the underlying infrastructure for network services. As enterprises continue their digital transformation such as software-defined network, Velocloud remains at the forefront of the movement to improve cloud connectivity. As a part of this evolution, scaling the network to SD WAN is becoming an essential ingredient for large enterprise deployment. SD WAN VeloCloud along with Exigo Tech enables you to support application growth, network agility and simplified implementations while delivering cloud applications and data centres.

Optimise your network with SD WAN VeloCloud

Upgrade your network to another level
with SD WAN solutions from VeloCloud

With its new approach to office networking, VeloCloud solutions can deliver increased bandwidth and network agility. Businesses can leverage many advantages from SD WAN solutions offered by VeloCloud to stay connected over a large geographical distance.

Leverage inbuilt security and the ability to integrate with other Next Generation Cloud software and applications seamlessly with SD WAN VeloCloud.


Enable application based forwarding and quality of service assurance with SD WAN VeloCloud and manage apps and upgrades remotely through the SD WAN orchestrator.


Enable faster management and fixing of critical business issues by integrating SD WAN with the IT service management tools from VeloCloud.


Centralised monitoring, visibility and cloud-enabled zero-touch branch deployment for automatic business operations and orchestration.

Simplified management of your connectivity with SD WAN VeloCloud solutions

What We Offer

Our professional team is highly experienced in the implementation of VeloCloud solutions. Our service offering is linked to our integrated SD WAN solutions.

Management of SD-WAN

Our experts help you manage your SD WAN with proof of concept (POC) using the technology from VeloCloud by VMware.


Migration to Cloud

We deliver hybrid, multi-cloud and SaaS functionality to support the needs of businesses today by using SD WAN VeloCloud.


Deployment of WAN

We make the remote and branch-site deployments simple with global WAN visibility, agile and scale delivery through an automated platform like VeloCloud.


End to End Solutions

We help you connect any device or any user to any application across any location on the WAN with in-depth network security and analytics.

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