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Back-Up and Protect Your Virtual Infrastructure with Veeam Backup Solutions from Exigo Tech

The cloud has become an internal part of the business world today with tonnes of data being exchanged. And the last thing that you want would be any disruption to this data causing a severe implication on your business. Hence a solid backup and data management solution becomes essential for business continuity in times of such critical incident. Both business servers and individual devices need dedicated maintenance and support solution that ensure complete security of all the information being stored or exchanged.

To ensure that the data is always stored securely, every organisation needs recovery and a backup plan. A solution that guarantees complete protection of business workload and ensures recovery in the event of any theft or loss. One such offering provided by Exigo Tech is the Veeam suite which includes Veeam backup and replication imparting businesses with features for flexible and speedy data backup and recovery. We help you integrate seamlessly with Veeam backup to provide reliable recovery of your data bringing together duplication and virtual backup in a single solution.

Make Veeam the cornerstone for data replication

Exigo Tech and Veeam - Guarding your
data architecture for business continuity

Veeam engineers at Exigo Tech are capable of delivering customised services concerning Data back-up and recovery, Management, Technology consulting and Monitoring. We make sure that the always-on business is perfectly executed through our pivotal focus on Veeam backup and cloud capabilities.

Manage your data backups across various platforms, organisations, associations, gadgets and users through a centralised framework.


Recover and restore any document from any system or guest OS system at the desired point without the need to starting up again.


Eliminate the data management hassle and be ensured of your data being secured and under complete control.

Ensure Business Continuity by avoiding shutdowns with Exigo Tech’s Veeam backup and replication solutions

What We Offer

Right from single cloud to multi-cloud and virtual servers, our team at Exigo Tech offers data management services that are adaptable enough to fit your business needs. Our specialists ensure that your data is well protected and accessible anytime.

Veeam Backup solution for Microsoft 365

We assist eliminating the risk of losing crucial information and provide complete control over your Microsoft 365 including SharePoint, OneDrive and Microsoft Teams. With proficient services from us, you can be ensured of shielding your Microsoft 365 from security threats, accidental deletion or any other loss.


Veeam Backup Essentials

You can view and maintain all your workloads whether it is from VMware, Nutanix or the cloud from a single console. We deliver a powerful and simple to utilise monitoring, backup, recovery and reporting tool for your business using Veeam Backup Essentials.


Veeam Availability Suite

We deliver a comprehensive Veeam backup and analytical solution for your physical and virtual environment. Through the interactive tools from Veeam, you can not only keep your data safe but also resolve the issues before they hit.


Nutanix with Veeam Solution

You can quickly move from planning to complete data management through this innovative solution. Nutanix with Veeam backup solution ensures that you have the right disaster recovery infrastructure to save your data.

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