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Transforming Data into Actionable Insights with Microsoft Power BI – The Leading Business Intelligence Tool

In a world overwhelmed by information everywhere, it’s more important than ever for organisations to understand how to extricate each drop of value from the heap of digital insights readily available. Business intelligence leverages software and services to rework business knowledge into insights that inform a company’s plan of action for business choices.

Tools like Microsoft Power BI access and analyse data sets and demonstrate analytical findings in reports, charts, graphs, dashboards, summaries and maps to provide the users with detailed intelligence about the actual state of the business. The term Business Intelligence (BI) typically refers to a large number of tools that provides easy to digest access into insights about an organisation’s current state based on the available information.

What does Microsoft Power BI do?

Reports are the central side of business intelligence and the dashboard is an archetypical BI tool. These dashboards are hosted software applications that automatically puts together all the available data into graphs and charts. Although Microsoft Power BI does not tell business users what will happen if they take a certain course or what-to-do, neither it is about solely generating reports. Rather, Microsoft Power BI offers a way for businesses to examine data to understand the trends and insights by streamlining the process needed to merge, query or search data necessary to make sound business decisions. Such perspective analysis can not only be used to predict market trends but also can be used to create a more engaging user experience.

Microsoft Power BI as a Gateway to Business Analytics

Business intelligence tools increasingly come with cloud compatibility which allows access for data insights from anywhere. There are many reasons for businesses to leverage on Microsoft BI tools:

  • Quick iterations prompt the agile business model. These iterations in turn depend on data collection and testing, both of which are possible only through business intelligence tools such as Microsoft Power BI. When the entire organisation has access to data, BI tools can facilitate efficient teamwork in real-time as well.
  • Tools such as Microsoft BI can also help businesses make sense of all the data that’s coming in from various resources. By analysing data, getting insights and turning them into actionable information can lead to making better pitches for increasing business collaborations.  
  • A host of analytical functions such as data visualisation, analytical processing and performance scorecards can be combined using Microsoft Power BI. Such data can then be used to personalise the marketing strategy which fits the quest of the customer perfectly. 

Microsoft Power BI features to empower employees securely in a remote working world

Exigo Tech has successfully delivered many Microsoft Power BI implementations, Power BI dashboards and end to end BI solutions to various organisations in Australia and around the world. With our deep competency in delivering Microsoft BI analytics and business intelligence solutions, we have listed some of the features of Microsoft Power BI for businesses:

Gateway to Business Analytics - Microsoft Power BI - Exigo Tech

  • Query Editor is one of the most powerful features of Microsoft Power BI desktop that allows transformations such as adding a new column, merging, splitting or adding query. Such a feature helps in effective formatting and visualisation of reports.
  • Data Analysis Expression also known as DAX is a language used in Microsoft BI which works like Excel but with fewer complications. With DAX users can create their own metrics and generate expressions with data.  
  • Insight is another such option that Microsoft offers in Power BI which allows you to check hidden information on the data. Enterprises can identify trends and gain strong metrics using such information.  
  • The storage capacity of Microsoft Power BI is excellent. It has the bandwidth to transform and load millions of charts in a lesser period of time. It also has the capacity of compressing the files without compromising on its quality or performance.  

New features that were announced to be implemented in Microsoft Power BI in the near future

Microsoft continues to invest heavily in the development of its apps that enhances productivity and user experiences amidst remote working. To make things easier for the workforce to continue working from anywhere, Microsoft has announced several improvements to their products including Microsoft Power BI. Amplifying the data protection capabilities and enabling customers to classify data and customise reports, Microsoft has announced enhanced integrations of Power BI with SharePoint. Integrations with Azure Synapse to create and manage materialised views has also been rolled out.

As a Microsoft Gold partner, we at Exigo Tech aim to bring your business data to life. Get in touch with our team of Microsoft Power BI experts on 1300 EXIGOTECH (394 468) or email us at to quickly build custom BI solutions.


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