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Tighten Up Your Cloud Backup and Keep all Your Critical Data Protected with Exigo Tech

Many apps come with their in-built security protection against any cyber-attacks – but most of them are infrastructural. Even Microsoft 365 recommends having a cloud backup plan in place for your data. Microsoft in its service agreement for all the 365 users recommends keeping a regular backup of data and content that is being stored on the services or using any third-party applications services. As you can see even the service providers are transparent about the fact that they only host and cannot guarantee protection from security breaches or data loss.

So, if something goes wrong then there is no protection for your data unless a service specifically mentions the backup solution. You might wonder what can go wrong if your data isn’t backed up?

As it turns out – plenty!

ome Facts that Shape the Data Security Field   

What Challenges Can Cloud Backup Help You Overcome? 

Addressing the challenges of the cloud is an important way to understand how important the cloud is for business. As cloud application gets complex with technology, there would be hundreds of hurdles with data but there is always a key to such problems.

  • Stop Leakage of Data

Cyberattacks can take place anytime and not only do such data breaches violate customers trust but can also open up criminal indictments. A secure cloud backup of all your data can prevent any such breach from occurring.

  • Retention Policy Gaps

Policies of cloud providers such as Microsoft 365 can be hard to keep. A cloud backup provides a more accessible and longer retention of all the data protected and stored in one place.  

  • Avoid Accidental Data Loss

If you delete a user whether you meant it or not, that deletion is replicated across all the networks. A cloud backup can restore such a user on office 365 or premise. 

  • Block External Security Threats

Viruses and malware have created serious issues for organisations in the past. Having a highly secure recovery solution, mitigates this risk of critical data being destroyed or lost.  

  • Prevent Internal Security Threats

Threats not only come from outside an organisation but can also be from inside your own business. Malice and human error always pose a threat if offsite backups aren’t in place.

Cloud is secure but it is only as secure as one can make it. Each element from planning, process to technology and capabilities of cloud backup together determine the success of your business.

Protect Your Data from Loss with Cloud Backup Services 

Exasperated employees can often create havoc for your network, data and email when they leave. They might also delete their Share point files, mailbox files, One drive or erase Teams contacts and history. At Exigo Tech we recommend a cloud backup solution for all your cloud exchange to prevent yourselves from being in such a situation. We bring peace of mind to your IT managers by making sure that their irreplaceable cloud data is protected from all harm. Whether the loss of such data is accidental or malicious it often goes unnoticed for weeks or months. Recovery of that data, after this much time has passed is only possible if there is a cloud backup solution.

Effective management in the form of cloud backup is necessary in the world where data is the top asset. Using a cloud backup solution can reduce the complexity and offer a range of benefits. However, when it comes to data, the enterprise must be careful and consider access management and compliance. To balance these two factors, Exigo Tech enables businesses to take advantage of all the benefits of cloud backup and maintain ownership. Get in touch with one of our cloud experts at 1300 EXIGOTECH (394 468) or email us at and keep your data secure.


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