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Presently, businesses are actively taking up digital transformation initiatives. Their success immensely depends on the connectivity and bandwidth, even the IT personnel will second this statement. The work from home scenario and the increase in the remote workforce has generated a requirement for reliable network solutions. The organisations are searching for internet service providers who offer extensive coverage and plans that allow their employees to share video, audio files and host conferences or training sessions without any glitches or drop outs.

Exigo Tech builds a durable network for your organisation to enable you to untap the expansion opportunities in the local as well as the global market with Telstra Network products at the heart. We house a team of experts who configure the network solutions so that you can connect the required IT resources and applications and benefit from the data collected from these.

Keep Connectivity at the Base of your Core Network

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We offer a bunch of Telstra Network products that allow you to remain online and address your customers’ concerns in a short span.  

Focus on strategic business initiatives while we cater to your high network performance needs.


Never lose productivity because of prolonged downtimes with future proof Telstra Networks.


Take informed business decisions on the basis of data collected from the connected applications.


Host business applications in the cloud environment with symmetric upload and download speed and ensure their availability across devices and locations.


What We Offer

We understand your connectivity requirements and then implement or configure the network solutions offered by Telstra to support your interconnected processes.


Telstra IP-VPN

We bring this product so that you can share all the critical and confidential files with your employees operating from anywhere and improve the collaboration quotient in a secure manner.

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Telstra Internet Direct

We deliver this product to support your global operations and communication across the branches spread in Australia by bringing them on the same secured platform.


Telstra Cloud Gateway

We offer this solution to allow you to utilise the hybrid and public clouds for your business growth with the security of the private cloud.


Telstra Programmable Network

We deploy these networks in your organisation to support your progressive needs as they can self-learn and improve as well to suit your requirement of revolutionising business models.

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