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With businesses operating from multiple locations and having a huge amount of staff working remotely, the exchange of confidential files over emails or other vulnerable mediums has become quite common. Constant sharing of data and accessing it on personal devices raises questions about its security. We at Exigo Tech, understand the importance of safety of your critical information and help you work globally without any security concerns with our IP and VPN services. We partner with Telstra to bring these services to you and hence you can rest assured regarding the safety of your data. With Telstra’s largest MPLS network, we ensure round the clock availability of network resources for you to operate without any interruptions. We enable you to create your business IT network to seamlessly connect with the employees based in other locations without having to own and maintain the IT infrastructure.

Secure your Web Traffic Against Snoopers and Spies

Access the Internet Space in a Secured Manner
with our IP and VPN Services

With our IP and VPN services in association with Telstra, you can exchange data between multiple offices spread across different locations without any security concerns.

Simplified connectivity to plug-in and work


Secured data exchange over multiple sites


Scalable and trusted IP-VPN for security of the confidential data


Better collaboration bridging gaps between employees

A Silver Bullet Against Online Security Threats

What We Offer

We take a simple and integrated approach to tailor an enterprise-grade network for you to function smoothly and climb the ladder of success.


Business IP

We offer secured private networks for global large businesses to collaborate and communicate and share confidential information without any concerns.


Connect IP

We enable small and medium businesses and the small branches of government organisations to work smoothly across different locations with our advanced data networking capabilities.


Enhanced Network Reach

We ensure that your work is never interrupted because of poor network reach as we bring our services in association with Telstra having Australia’s largest MPLS networks.


Managed Network Services

We help you realise your short and long-term business goals as we free up your resources for strategic thinking by taking the management of virtual servers and IT infrastructure off their shoulders.


Highly Secured Exchange Platforms

We bring IP and VPN services with Telstra whose platforms are encrypted with the best security practices with ISO-27001 accreditation.


Flexibility to Choose from Various Options

We offer customisable packages and scalable options to suit your present and future business requirements.

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