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Telstra IP Telephony is an absolute independent communication solution that is fast, versatile, scalable and very effective. This makes it possible for you to convergence your voice, video and data services. Telstra IP Telephony is a good user interface connected through various compatible tools and geographies which further helps in avoiding the risk and uncertainty of installing hardware and any other applications.

We offer the assistance you need. With the network-based Telstra IP Telephony infrastructure working with your company, you will have more flexibility to deploy a multi-faceted, accessible service culture. We remodel your communication structure to equip you with the capability of hosting and attending video and voice calls and bridge gaps within your workforce. We implement this solution on fiber-based National Broadband Network (NBN) to guarantee 24*7 connectivity.

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Generate multiple benefits while using the Telstra IP Telephony (TIPT) solution as it is an all-in-one cloud collaboration. Below are a few of them listed.

Be collaborative by bringing dispersed employees on the common communication platform


Be innovative by sharing ideas instantly with your teammates over audio and video calls


Protect your digital transformation and BYOD initiatives by getting the background applications integrated to guarantee sound security posture.


Be ready to reap the benefits of scalability and reduced costs with a cloud calling application

Keep up the pace and create a supreme communication model

What We Offer

Enabling people to be more agile and flexible

Commitment of Quality Video Calls and Conferences

We offer Telstra IP Telephony solutions that makes call handling an easy process. You can host or attend multi-party video conferences with a single dial-in number from any device and location and hence always remain a part of corporate communication.


Capability to Connect from Anywhere and Any Device

We deploy Telstra IP Telephony solutions to infuse mobility into your daily operations by enabling you to make your device your office phone. We lay reliable networks to assure that the call and the video quality is top notch and you never miss any important points in your meeting/training.


Flexibility to Remain on Top of your Office Communication

We understand that you might miss your messages when you are on the go. With Telstra IP Telephony, you can receive all of these as emails in your Microsoft Outlook email and ensure that none of the opportunities are missed.

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