Telstra CSX is an Indispensable Part of a Successful Businesses’ Cloud Environment

Ensure that Your Business’ Technology Needs are Always Fulfilled with an Efficient Telstra CSX Environment Deployed by Exigo Tech

The modern businesses are investing in virtual servers as it possesses a long line of benefits such as space saving, flexible storage, cost saving and much more. These are compatible with different types of applications and can be monitored from a single location. Therefore, businesses are able to create a flexible working environment where their workforces can access critical applications from handheld devices and ensure continuous operations from any location.

Telstra cloud infrastructure also known as Telstra CSX offers virtual servers that you can host on the environment of your preference. The engineers at Exigo Tech offer a superior service for Telstra’s cloud environment starting right from discussing its implementation to after-sales support and upgrading it when required. Get in touch with us today to initiate business transformation.

A Cloud Environment that Redefines Scalability and Security

Base your Business’ Growth and Development on
a Secured Telstra CSX Setup by Exigo Tech

Flexibility, reliability and scalability are the in-built attributes of the Telstra cloud infrastructure. We, with our skills and in-depth product knowledge empower you to harness Telstra’s cloud’s capabilities up to its optimum potential and ensure maximised business performance.

Foster innovations and creativity amongst your IT professionals by taking off their workload of mundane tasks of managing and monitoring the cloud setups.


Experience superior flexibility with the ease of removing or adding the hardware in your cloud infrastructure and support your evolving business needs.


Gain a computing edge by converting the blade servers into a virtualised server. You can convert them to multiple virtual servers to ensure easy accessibility of computing resources.


Infuse flexibility into your cloud strategies by choosing from several Telstra CSX subscription plans.

Drive Business Continuity with Reliable Telstra CSX

What We Offer

We understand that there are several moving parts when you deploy a cloud environment. Exigo Tech as your cloud consultant takes care of all the issues that might crop up whilst a cloud scenario is being tailored and ensure continuous business operations. Also, being a Telstra Platinum partner, we have all the resources and expertise that enables us to deliver comprehensive and superior quality Telstra CSX services.


Virtual Server Solutions

We place virtual servers to customise the cloud environment in a manner that it supports business continuity. You have the choice of either hosting the virtual servers in shared or dedicated computing environments or both as per your business need.


Telstra CSX Support and Maintenance

Our team of cloud engineers are available 24*7*365 to address your concerns regarding Telstra cloud infrastructure. Also, we have defined service level agreements in place to ensure minimal downtimes and the issues pertaining to the public cloud setup are solved at the earliest.


Security Services

Being an industry veteran, we are well-versed with most of the ways that bad actors might use to gain access to your cloud environment. We ensure that all the security controls within the Telstra cloud infrastructure environment are properly set to ensure no theft of data when an application is being developed or used.

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