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Telstra Cloud Gateway - Exigo Tech

Telstra Cloud Gateway – Where Cloud and Network Meets

When you are managing public and hybrid cloud environments, you might be presented with a range of challenges from the network. Facing the reliability and security issues of the public connection while handling multiple vendors, contracts and portals with high operational efficiency is a difficult task. By deploying cloud platforms your business can overcome some of the operational challenges and enjoy benefits. But as more organisations are adopting cloud services, the networking infrastructure plays a vital role between your business and cloud. This can significantly impact your end-user experience and business performance. Within such a cloud environment it is necessary to have access to reliable and secure connectivity. This will also enable your business to achieve the quality of service, high level of security and performance.

By combining cloud and network, Telstra Cloud Gateway provides you with the tools to ensure your business operates smoothly. With Telstra Cloud Gateway you can also reduce the security and performance issues that are common with the public internet access. Exigo Tech, along with Telstra Cloud Gateway can help you achieve a private connection from your virtual network into the cloud provider’s server. Our Telstra Cloud Gateway services comprise of activation, support, assurance, offering accountability at the point of contact and more for all your connectivity needs. By seamlessly bringing together clouds and networks, Telstra Cloud Gateway is a secure way to retain your operations while taking complete benefit of the cloud environment. Read the infographic below to learn more about Telstra Cloud Gateway.

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