System Replacement or Upgrade – What should you do for Windows 7 EOL

The news of Windows 7 EOL (end of life) has left many businesses to weigh their choices in terms of system replacement and upgrading. I have heard many businessmen share their experiences of systems getting slow or crashing when they tried installing Windows 10. One of the most probable reasons for this is that they are trying to run Windows 10 on an old machine. Also, it may have happened that they tried running a free update on an old machine which leads to problems. Windows 10 might not sound as perfect or robust in the very beginning, but neither was Windows 7 in its initial phase.

If you want to achieve results, then it is advisable for you to buy new systems which are pre-equipped with Windows 10. You might have crucial software that is compatible with Windows 7 but with Windows 7 EOL notice, it is clear that Microsoft will no longer be rolling out security updates which will make your data vulnerable. Therefore, it is necessary for you to tactfully choose whether your systems need an upgrade or a replacement.

To help you ensure that you are making the right choice between upgrading and replacement, we have listed several parameters that you can check prior to making your decision.

  • Compatibility with Windows 10 – Windows 7 EOL – Exigo TechCheck if your existing applications are compatible with Windows 10:
    Determine if the applications that either you or your team are using are compatible with the operating system you are going to migrate to. If there are any such applications, then you can straight away contact us, and we will help you plan for your future course.
  • Verify the hardware details:
    Do a thorough check of all the system’s specifications that you have in your facility and determine if they can suit your team’s software requirements for completing their tasks. While looking for specifications, keep in mind that you keep only those systems that can support Windows 10. By doing this exercise you can ensure that your systems are ready for future upgrades as well.
    License requirement – Windows 7 EOL – Exigo Tech
  • Check if you have all the required licenses:
    Check licenses of all the devices/applications/software, while you are making a list of the IT inventory. Sometimes, it might happen that your Windows 7 operating system is already equipped with a license of a free Windows 10 upgrade. Checking licenses is quite important because if you don’t have the required set of licenses, then there are high chances that you have to face the consequences. If you are unaware about the licenses that you require to have a robust infrastructure, then we can help you. Get in touch with us TODAY for a FREE network audit.

If the above steps indicate that your present system can’t be upgraded to Windows 10, then certainly it is time to invest in new devices. Changing the whole IT environment is not a night’s job. You need to assess the amount of capital and time required to complete the installation of new systems. Also, you have to calculate the time that your employees will take to adjust to the new environment. To enable your team to adapt to the new infrastructure, train them for all the upcoming changes.

How Exigo Tech helps you prepare your organisation for Windows 7 EOL?

Exigo Tech, a Microsoft Gold Partner, houses a team of experts that enables businesses like you to understand if your IT infrastructure is calling for a replacement or an update. We back you up on every step of your migration starting from assessing the usability of your devices to conducting training sessions for employees and explaining the functioning of their new machines. We also offer a FREE AUDIT of your existing IT infrastructure. To schedule one for your organisation, give us a call at +61 29098 6006 or drop us an email at

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