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Flexible work policies are desired by employees but it increases tasks of the IT department as maintaining and monitoring data security becomes a typical aspect. Personal devices and legacy operating system make it difficult for the IT department to ensure optimum health of the systems. Also, the inability to keep up with numerous devices improves the chances of cyberattacks. A permanent solution for this situation is to invest in machines that are secured and easy to manage and monitor even from remote locations.

The Microsoft Surface laptop series are tailored for solving the staggering problems of the modern workplace. It is built with Microsoft’s security at the core and can be easily managed from Microsoft’s endpoint management solutions. The Surface series of laptops have no reliance on third-party source codes giving you the full flexibility to minimise cybersecurity risks at the firmware level with the use of Microsoft Endpoint Manager. The laptops support high-definition video and audio calls over the Microsoft Teams interface removing the collaboration barrier from your remote-first culture.

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Never Let an Inspiration Fade Away with Slim and
Light Microsoft Surface Laptop

Powered from one of the most reliable Intel processors, the Surface laptop is engineered to offer speed and intuitive interfaces. As it is sleek and slim, you can carry it with ease and turn your ideas into reality.
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Utilise the integrated One Drive storage to store important files and information at Microsoft’s guaranteed security.


Drive engagement within remote teams with Surface Hub that is equipped with large screens - apt for virtual meetings.


Enhance productivity by browsing through applications and web pages and creating remarkable presentations.


Get back to work quickly by logging into your workspace with the face recognition facility.


Never let the flow of creativity stop due to low battery. Microsoft Surface laptop series are designed to offer all-day battery life and long-lasting standby.


Conclude your tasks efficiently and effectively by seamlessly accessing Microsoft 365 productivity apps, extensive data applications and other required applications.

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Work freely without any security concerns as different components of Microsoft Surface laptop – hardware, firmware and software have controls ingrained.


Improve the efficiency of your IT team and enable them to save time and effort as Microsoft Surface laptops can be managed remotely.

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What We Offer

Microsoft Surface laptops are designed to enable businesses to build a modern workplace by infusing attributes like flexibility, security and efficiency.
Surface Hub 2s

Take collaboration between remote teams to the next level with Microsoft certified Teams meetings platform. The big screen enables the meeting participants to see each other clearly; discuss issues and foster teamwork.

Surface Laptop 4

Multitask with ease and precision as the laptops are engineered to offer 70% more speed and power than its counterparts. Collaborate better with a feature-rich camera and dual far-field mics.

Surface Pro 7+

Work without any disruptions with an ultra-slim and light laptop that supports a secured and stable connection to 4G LTE bands. Never miss any crucial point in a meeting by capturing notes directly from the whiteboard.

Surface Laptop Go

Get quick access to Microsoft applications and optimise your performance and productivity. Conduct video calls and put your best face forward with 720p HD camera. The full-size keyboard enables you to complete emails or documents swiftly and comfortably.

Surface Go 2

Empower your employees to work from anywhere with a laptop that is equipped with a brighter and bigger screen and eSIM. Jot down your findings on your laptop screen with a compact Surface Pen.

Surface Book 3

Utilise every minute at work with laptops that can be deployed easily and in minutes. The 17.5 hours of battery life and availability of software such as Autodesk, AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Cloud 7 and others enables you to work fast and achieve more.

Surface Pro X

Deliver personalised client experiences by connecting with your company’s resources on the move over fast and secured connections of 4G+LTE. Never delay any task as the Microsoft Surface laptop is easy and thin to carry and use and gives easy access to Microsoft applications.

Surface Studio 2

Let your creativity flourish with Surface Dial that gives swift access to drawing and editing tools. Navigate with ease across the familiar interface of Windows 10 and conclude your tasks efficiently.

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