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Sophos Security from Exigo Tech - Solutions that Span Across Sophos XG Firewall, Endpoint defense, Centralised Management and Public Cloud

Businesses always focus on protecting their assets and are on the hunt for the most effective method of securing their data assets. Adapting to this ever-changing cybersecurity landscape can be a challenge especially with the constant threats that can compromise business operations. Keeping this in mind, we at Exigo Tech have partnered with Sophos to provide solutions for improving business security.

Sophos security such as Sophos XG firewall protects business networks against IT security threats by combining the latest technologies in all-in-one solutions that are easy to manage. Small, medium and large-sized businesses can shape an effective network environment through Sophos solutions protecting against viruses, data theft, spyware and spams. As a Sophos security partner, we at Exigo Tech deliver the world’s best protection, visibility and response with Sophos XG Firewall. With us as your security partner, you can be assured of complete security solutions and feel confident growing your business in today’s world of cyber threats.

Go beyond the prevention of known Malware

With Sophos XG Firewall reduce
the time spent by your IT teams on security systems

Sophos XG Firewall solution smartly highlights advanced threats, risky users, anonymous and unwanted risks, suspicious hazards and much more for the benefit of the business. Sophos security solutions – Sophos XG firewall has several innovations that not only makes your job easy but also ensures that your network is fully protected.

Next-generation Sophos security solutions include advanced integrated features like web content netting, data control, threat protection and site to site VPN which will help businesses secure their network completely.


Sophos security promises extreme visibility when it comes to threats and removes faults in security breaches. Such magnified visibility allows enterprises to identify any malicious risks on the network and stop the adverse attacks.


Through Sophos security solution, your management console protects your server with advanced anti-malware, perfect detection and Sophos XG future-generation firewall while keeping it running at peak.

Improve Your Business Security with Sophos Security Solutions including Sophos XG Firewall

What We Offer

Right from network to endpoint to server security, our Sophos security products are designed to eliminate complexity and simplify workflows. We understand that a comprehensive security strategy requires more than just malware blocking and hence in addition to Sophos XG anti-virus we also provide organisations security across several areas that covers the entire infrastructure.

End Point Protection

Our Sophos Advanced Endpoint solution – Intercept X integrates the latest technology like malicious traffic detection with real-time threat intelligence to help you protect and remediate threats with ease. Sophos Endpoint doesn’t rely on the signatures to catch exploits, so you get protected even before the malware even arrives.


Threat Management Services

Our Sophos Threat response management services are backed by an expert team of threat detectors and response experts who take necessary actions on your behalf to neutralise the threats. Built on Intercept X, Sophos managed solution also fuses expert analysis and machine learning to improve threat detection and investigations.


Public Cloud Protection

Our Cloud Optix solution delivers continuous visibility and analysis that organisations need to detect and prevent any security and compliance gaps across the multi-cloud environment. Sophos Cloud Optix with its AI capabilities can also offer your business high-level visibility and real-time alerts.


Next-Generation Firewall

Our Sophos XG Firewall solution comes with a pre-defined policy template to protect the common applications quickly and easily. Right from unique coordination to automatically stopping cyberattacks, Sophos XG provides you with all the protection that your business needs.

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