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Sophos Cloud Optix – A Critical Component to Tighten your Organisation’s Security Posture

The current COVID-19 situation has forced organisations to switch to work from home scenarios and quickly move to the cloud environment. However, the situation has increased the possibilities of security breaches and cyber-attack threats as the employees are accessing the company’s confidential information from their devices which are again a host of numerous vulnerabilities. Therefore, it is high time for enterprises to realise that the traditional firewall is no longer competent to shield their data resources. They need to look for more powerful applications such as Sophos Cloud Optix. In this blog post, I will highlight the different features and capabilities of this application as in how it is equipped to give you the complete visibility of all the network and cloud activities from a single pane.

Shining Light on the Sophos Cloud Optix Features  

The cloud environment is not an insecure ecosystem, but you need to know how to use it correctly and which security controls to deploy to leverage the most from it. Sophos Cloud Optix offers a bunch of features that you can use to shield your resources hosted in the cloud. The features according to their application are divided into three categories.

  • Security Monitoring Analysis with AI Generated Insights
    The pressure on the Australian businesses to continuously innovate and easy deployment methods in the public cloud has shortened the release and development time of applications. And in this scenario, the norm of embedding security controls is often missed out. With Sophos Cloud Optix, you can acquire the full visibility of the activities in your cloud platforms to identify the minor breaches and mitigate them before they generate an impact. Also, the application offers automatic discovery of the workloads distributed in public clouds such as Amazon Web Services, Azure and Google Cloud. The embedded AI algorithms enable you to keep track of the servers and storage and take quick remedial actions if need be.
  • Compliance Checking and Governance Assurance
     While satisfying the need of quickly moving the workloads to the cloud so that all the required resources are accessible to the remote workforce, companies fail to sometimes ensure the implementation of compliance regulations. Using the Sophos Cloud Optix application you can monitor the addition of the resources in your cloud environment and reinforce internal compliances. You can continuously access the network traffic, user activities and configuration and ensure that no third party is attempting to access your environment in an unauthorised manner.
  • DevSecOps Practices Reinforcement
    The agile and DevOps practices are making it easy for the developers to release multiple applications in a day and this puts tremendous pressure on the security teams to keep up with the pace. The Sophos Cloud Optix application offers a host of features and controls which developers can use to ensure the security of their codes and APIs while releasing applications. The Optix automatically seals the minor security loopholes and flags huge anomalies in the network which needs to be solved with human intelligence and skills.

Use Sophos Cloud Optix to Become Agile and Alert Towards the Evolving Cyber-Attacks

With Sophos Cloud Optix you have the flexibility to aggregate the alerts from multiple cloud providers in a single console and react to it immediately or as per their priorities. The product is integrated with several third-party applications and hence you get all the alerts in real-time and enhance the security posture of the organisation 

We are the Platinum partners for Sophos and therefore are the ideal company to have insightful discussions with and understand the further capabilities of Sophos Cloud Optix. We have a team of skilled and certified engineers who understand how important the security of confidential data for you is. We keep upgrading and upskilling ourselves to keep abreast of the sophisticated models of hackers and other industry standards to ensure compliances. To schedule a discussion with one of our security consulting experts, call 1300 EXIGOTECH (394 468) or email us at Let’s join hands and keep your organisation safe from any attacks and threats.

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