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Some Questions and Misconceptions to Consider when Migrating to Microsoft Business Central from MS Dynamics GP

Migration from MS Dynamics GP to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central have been on the rise ever since Microsoft announced the end of support for its MS Dynamics GP versions. Microsoft D365 Business Central hence seems like a viable option for current MS Dynamics GP users as it is equipped with advanced cloud technology. This is a significant decision that companies face when considering an upgrade. The main question here, is the jump from MS Dynamics GP to Business Central the right choice for your organisation? This question is not of the kind one size fits all. But there is sparse information on how companies should make the change and there are many misconceptions around the migration to Business Central. In this blog, we discuss some critical questions that you need to ask yourself and break a few myths to help you make the best decision for your organisation.

Breaking Some Myths Surrounding the Business Central Migration 

  • Business Central and GP are Quite Similar so No Benefit of Migrating

Though at the first view both might appear similar, there are a lot of benefits when you migrate to Business Central. You can also obtain seamless integration with the Power Platform and Microsoft 365

  • Cloud ERP is Not Secured

Cloud-based Dynamics 365 Business Central is hosted by Microsoft Azure and provides the highest level of protection to keep your company’s data safe. With cloud ERP you also share the responsibility of security rather than managing it all by yourself. 

  • Data Migration to BC is Difficult

There are Microsoft’s cloud migration tools that can be taken advantage of. We provide further assistance to help you ease the migration from MS Dynamics GP to Business Central.

  • The Payroll Process is Difficult in Business Central

By making use of the Microsoft App source, the business can integrate a payroll app that gives you the desired functionality, and many cost-effective ISVs can also be incorporated for Add Ons.

Questions to Ask Before Migrating from MS Dynamics GP to Business Central

  • What are your business goals?  

You need to evaluate your current business position and determine your future goals. This evaluation will help you determine if MS Dynamics GP will be the right fit for your organisation roadmap. 

  • Do you need Dynamics 365 Business Central?  

Business Central can provide your business countless benefits, but it is essential to note how your business will benefit from Business Central. Microsoft is focusing on advancing cloud technology such as BC with frequent upgrades.  

  • Are you ready for the migration from MS Dynamics GP?  

Even though Business Central is a product of Microsoft it requires some new implementation along with migration. It is hence necessary to evaluate the strategic value of your business process before fully making the transition.   

  • What goals are you looking to achieve with Business Central?  

Analyse your organisation’s goals and define what you want with Business Central. After validating your existing MS Dynamics GP solution and your future roadmap, you should be able to ensure that Business Central meets your specific needs.

  •  What is the current position of your Microsoft GP?  

You should consider the future for your current system keeping in mind that Microsoft is committed to providing security and bug fixes for MS Dynamics GP for the foreseeable future. However, it may mean that migration is essential for your business in the long run.  

Considering a MS Dynamics GP migration? We Can Help

The process of the migration from MS Dynamics GP to Business Central can seem quite significant but having the right partner with the expertise is the key. That is where our experts at Exigo Tech come in. Our qualified team of consultants and IT specialists will provide you with all the resources you need for quick migration.

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