Seven Tips from a Leading Digital Transformation Agency to Survive and Thrive Digital Disruption

Digital transformation has not really reached its end point. The journey is long and the CEOs are trying to get a knack of it. Initially, digital transformation was all about improving efficiencies and streamlining processes, but now the focus has shifted to improving the buyer’s experience. Depending on the sector to which the businesses belong to, the dynamics of digital transformation differ but some steps remain common. These are updating the systems, finding ways to digitise processes and creating an omni-channel experiences for staff as well as the customers. The journey of digital transformation is apparently different for B2B and B2C kind of corporates. Digital transformation agencies advise the B2B companies to reorganise their selling methods and try e-commerce way of selling. While they have a different piece of advice for B2C organisations. But in a nutshell, the whole process of digitisation requires a strong culture and an adaptive mindset.

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Seven ways a digital transformation agency recommends to sustain digital disruption

The concept of digital transformation is vast and hence there are various notions and assumptions regarding the same. And, the frequent advancement in the technologies is making difficult for the top-level management to find ways and strategise digitisation at their place. Based on my experience and industry knowledge, I have penned down some tricks that will help you achieve success on the path of digital transformation.

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#Tip1: Push your edge

To thrive on the digital transformation platform you need to be ready to push your limits, experiment with new technologies and include several flexibilities in your offerings. The experiment should not be limited within the boundaries of your own industry sector. For example, if you find that there is some element in the hospitality industry that might help you offer enhanced customer experience in your tourism industry, then you should not shy away from taking risks. Apparently, these risks should be calculated one with proper planning and also prevent you from getting disrupted.

#Tip2: Consider technology as an enabler and not as your employees’ replacement

It is obvious that digital transformation will automate mundane processes and will replace your employees. But instead of considering this as a threat, we need to treat it as an opportunity. Automation with IQ Bots, cognitive solutions and other will leave your employees with plenty of time to think and devise ways to optimise the utilisation of technologies; basically, add value to the processes where technology fails.

#Tip3: Kickstart your digital transformation journey but take it slow

As mentioned earlier, digital transformation is a long process and companies need to be strategically perfect and balanced whilst moving on this path. You should try selling the most popular products using a digitalised process and if you fail then stand up fast and try with other products and services. The time you have between these should be used finding and rectifying the mistakes in the initial one. You should focus on developing a plan which is digitally sustainable and find, eliminate the services and products that will not sustain the era of digital transformation.

#Tip4: Develop these two crucial skills

When your every other competitor is boarding the digital transformation bandwagon, it’s the human factor – your employees who separate you from the rest. Learn and develop these skills to gain a digital edge:

  • Strategic thinking: See a future which is full of possibilities and opportunities. Think out of the box, strategise and draft a course to achieve your goals and create a digitalised workplace.
  • Customer centric strategies: Try to think from your customer’s/client’s perspective. You can leave the completion of sequential processes on technology applications and software but the value that you deliver to your customers still remains your responsibility; therefore, develop a habit of understanding your customer’s pain points and then weave your customer experiences.

Teamwork – Digital Transformation Agency – Exigo Tech#Tip5: Choose a wise and multi-talented team

A report from Forrester states that 43% of the digitally mature organisations see their internal departments competing on their own which ultimately act as a barrier to the successful digital transformation. Therefore, it is necessary for businesses to select a team in which the members have a proper understanding of their roles and responsibilities. You need to hire people who can very easily work in an environment that focuses on broad thinking and also includes mentioning of fine details. These people possess the capability of taking decisions which are very much aligned to your organisational mission and goals. Also, ensure that you have a knowledgeable and experienced leader to give these teams a direction and apparently stop them from working in silos.

#Tip6: Find suitable partners and have tight control over the information

Since your main focus will be on giving a digitalised touch to your existing business processes, finding a partner who assists you with the right solutions becomes critical. It is apparent that you will be looking for a solution that allows you to retain your existing technologies and systems. To save on capital and minimise future risks you need to look for platforms that support integration with the third-party applications and are compatible with customised integration, if the need arises. Also check about the switching costs when you are opting for a platform partner and ensure that rights of your customer’s data, intellectual properties and other confidential information lies with you.
Machine Learning - Digital Transformation Agency - Exigo Tech

#Tip7: Utilise the potential of big data and machine learning

The machine learning and data analytics play a vital role in personalising customer’s online shopping experience. You need to use the same tactics and methods to derive data and insights about your customer preferences and draft an enhanced experience for them.

A Final Word

An apparent mistake that most of the business houses make is that they consider digital transformation to be a technology project. Well, I am afraid it is not. It is about driving efficiencies and bringing a shift in the company culture and employees’ mindset. You need to ensure that you are using technology only as an enabler to accomplish your goals. To figure out all these important nuances it is advisable for you to get in touch with a digital transformation agency.

Exigo Tech is one such company that is helping businesses transform and evolve digitally. We have helped businesses of different sizes and sectors to survive on the evolving digital transformation front. To discuss your concerns with us, call 1300 EXIGOTECH (394 468) or drop us a mail on


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