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Business Continuity Plan – Exigo Tech

Seven Key Components of a Business Continuity Plan – Preparing your Business for the Worst

Business continuity and disaster planning have become the buzzwords lately. Earlier, business continuity meant remaining prepared for cyber-attack or any network outage. To sum it up, businesses were prepared to survive incidents that would last for a limited time. At the start of this decade, businesses were faced with severe challenges that added a new dimension to the word – business continuity. Now, businesses have learned the importance of having a business continuity plan in place.  

The IT solution providers also had to reevaluate their offerings to include the uncertainties that were introduced at the start of 2020. The need to give secured access and extend every facility to the employees’ homes after an unforeseen incident, has taken the centre stage. Businesses searched and invested in the correct technology options that enabled them with cloud computing and data security to build an agile environment.  

Having described the current situation in a nutshell, let’s talk about the whats and whys of a business continuity plan. The plan is ideally your roadmap as in which corrective measures to safeguard your IT infrastructure and intellectual assets during uncertain times should be taken, are mentionedIt basically helps you manage your employees, any operational or communicational  issues, cyber security breaches or any disturbances in the existing business environment and prepare your organisation for future risks and challenges.  

Business Continuity Plan – Exigo Tech

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