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As hackers are becoming more sophisticated and companies relying on cloud  and applications is increasing, it has become quintessential to have a secured layer over the IT resources. Irrespective of your scale of operations, security consulting needs to be an integral part of your organisation’s strategies and goals. It needs to be measured, planned and implemented at various levels. And to get integrative solutions that take care of your servers, networks, computers and the entire IT ecosystem, your organisation needs only the best security consulting services for focused solutions.   

Being one of the top security consulting service providers, we offer customised and innovative end to end IT security solutions. As a professional service provider, we review your existing architecture to detect vulnerabilities and identify gaps. We also take time to understand your organisation’s goals and needs and accordingly implement the security solutions. We believe in working with you hand in hand on a long-term basis to keep improving your existing security policies and offer advice to roll out a secured infrastructure from scratch. 

Security consulting for threat driven insights

Security Consulting Services from Exigo Tech Enables you to
Extend the Capabilities of your IT Security Team

We, being one of the top security consulting service providers guarantee that you can generate optimum results from our experience, expertise and capabilities. Your business can benefit in many ways from working with a security consulting management service provider.  
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Evaluate your architecture and identify loopholes in your security system and networks.

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Set up a robust backup plan to recover from data loss during a disaster or failure.

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Support your existing IT team so that they can focus on the core business process.

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Obtain a framework for your organisation’s cybersecurity policy.

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Build security to cover your latest applications and protect your confidential assets.

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What We Offer

At Exigo Tech we provide your organisation with a broad level of strategic management and cyber security consulting services. Our security consulting solutions give insight into your security management with assessments of your business-critical data, applications and infrastructures.  
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Security Strategy

The ability to use new technology, innovate and grow, requires an end-to-end security strategy driven by an organisation. We help develop an actionable roadmap and strategy to support security priorities.

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Security Standards

Standards are published documents that set out specific procedures to ensure that the systems are safe and perform consistently the way they are intended to. We help you adopt security standards and frameworks in your organisations through security transformation.

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Maturity Assessment

Maturity Assessment is a comprehensive assessment of your organisation’s readiness to detect, contain, prevent or respond to threats. We provide you with insights to understand vulnerabilities, identify areas of remediation and support you to manage risks.

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Security Dashboards

Using a consistent framework for security will help businesses transform with real-time data-driven actions. We help your organisation develop cyber security indicators and dashboards for the management of executive reporting.

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Executive Briefings

A business roundtable promotes the use of a Cybersecurity framework, and such framework provides a solid base for cybersecurity risk management practices. We consider a wide array of threats, risks and vulnerabilities to provide an actionable roadmap.

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Security Trusted Advisor

A trusted advisor offers a list of best practices and recommendations across your security. We also provide solutions that serve as an extension of your security team and deliver advisory wherever essential.

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