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Foster a security-aware culture

Prepare your workforce to be safe from the targeted cyber-attacks
while meeting compliances with security compliance services from Exigo Tech.  

Build a Security Compliant Technology Infrastructure

Be Compliant with the Industry Standards and Manage Cyber-security Risks Effectively with Security Compliance Services from Exigo Tech

There are several challenges that modern businesses are faced with today. Maintaining a security posture whilst the bad actors are trying new methods to enter your IT environment is a tricky endeavour. The situation gets a little typical when you have to ensure that all the industry compliances are met as mandated by the government, to not only prevent cyber-attacks but also to remain functional without facing any penalties

Security compliance services from Exigo Tech enable you to examine your security governance posture that is not limited to ensuring data privacy, security risks in third-party applications and IT regulatory compliances. We assist you in finding gaps in your current IT stack and help you remain aligned with your business objectives. Our security compliance team exhibits a variety of skills and some of these are developing a compliant technology structure for our clients and educating your employees about the ways to adhere to the security governance principles.  

Sustainable and Integrated Approach to Ensure Compliances

Maintain Good Business Reputation with Exigo Tech’s Security
Compliance Services

Being a veteran in the technology solutions industry, we have proper knowledge of specific rules that different industries follow as far as security compliance is concerned.  
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Enhance your reputation in the industry and amongst your clientele by following security data security compliance standards.

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Eliminate the poorly secured applications, systems and platforms from your IT stack to remain compliant and gain a competitive edge over competitors.

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Build an effective security compliant structure by defining the access rights for the authorised personnel and avoid the risk of data theft.

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Invest in the latest technology to remain compliant and improve your operational efficiency.

Prevent Your System from Security Compromises

What We Offer

We are your trusted advisors who ensure that all your business processes, platforms, applications  and software are devoid of any security leaks and adhere to the required industry compliances.  
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Essential 8

We build a strong line of cyber-security defense for your organisation’s intellectual properties by following the essential 8 principles as mentioned by the government. We help you achieve cyber security resilience by tailoring these strategies according to your business model.

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International Organisation for Standardisation

We employ a team of ISO 27001 advisors who are skilled to help your business adopt an effective approach for developing cyber-security strategies that align with the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 specifications.

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Privacy Impact Assessment

Our privacy impact assessment solutions assist you to spot the privacy risks in your IT environment and manage them. We enable you to identify and mitigate privacy compromise risks that arise from new processes, systems, platforms, strategies and business relationships.

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Risk and Compliance Maturity

We create cyber-security policies in alignment with the industry compliances to eliminate inefficiencies, risks and redundancies. We tailor the policies to ensure that all the compliance requirements are met in an integrated manner.

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NIST’s Cyber-security Framework

We ensure that your IT environment is compliant with the National Institute Standards and Technology (NIST) cyber-security framework (NCSF) by applying several security controls at different levels and guarantee enhanced cyber-security posture.

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