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SD-WAN Services from Exigo Tech
A Rock Solid Support for your Digital Transformation Initiatives

There is no shadow of doubt in the fact that modern businesses operate in the cloud. Businesses across the world are more ready than ever to shell out money for deploying technologies. But the traditional WAN routers were not created to support that. They were created for an era where the business-critical applications were hosted in the data centres. The legacy infrastructure makes it challenging for businesses to formulate policies of application development or accelerate their development.

Exigo Tech offers SD-WAN services with Telstra to allow you to put technology as a focal point for your business processes. We deliver services that empower you to develop applications and make these available for your customers over a secured and cost-effective network. We replace your outdated networks with a secured broadband connection to simplify operations for your IT department. We manage the entire network for you to eliminate all the possibilities of disruptions, brownouts and blackouts.

Empowering Innovations

Create a Solid Network Infrastructure to Incorporate Technologies into your Business Processes

We help you revolutionise your business models to suit the high connectivity requirements of the embedded latest technologies.  

Superior client experiences by routing applications over the ideal network


Integrated SD-WAN solutions for business growth initiatives


Eagle eyes’ visibility of the network activities to minimise the possibilities of data theft


Redundant hybrid network for quick resolution of underlying network issues


What We Offer

We offer managed SDWAN services to you to have peace of mind as we take care of the health of your future resilient networks. 


Routing Traffic to Ensure Optimum Experience

The SD-WAN network deployed by us in association with Telstra allows you to route traffic over the most suitable channels and ensure continuity of critical business applications.


Routing Data Packets According to Applications

We enable and guide you to forward data packets according to the importance of the application allowing you to fine-tune the network properties as per your specific requirements.


Single Portal to Monitor Network Activities

The SD-WAN services we offer in partnership with Telstra can be monitored from a single pane enabling you to get in-depth visibility of the bandwidth usage and other properties.


Assured Security for all the Data Exchanges

We guarantee you that the SD-WAN solutions implemented by us are encrypted with the latest security protocols to give you the sense of security while you exchange your critical information over it.

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