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Robotic Process Automation from Automation Anywhere – Opening New Ways to Boost Collaboration in your Organisation

It is quite a no brainer that robotic process automation eliminates the employee’s need to perform mundane tasks and enables them to focus on the productive activities. Other reasons why corporates are including RPA in their regular operations are streamlined business operations, enhanced efficiency, no room for errors and more. Furthermore, RPA has machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities which can be trained to judge the future outputs and offer informative insights.

Apart from offering the line of benefits mentioned above, RPA deployment from Automation Anywhere can help you enable your employees with new and innovative ways of collaboration. Yes, you read that right. RPA boosts collaboration amongst your employees. It unlocks new ways of enhancing collaboration within the team members, with the customers or with the software bots which are now a critical part of your modern workspace. Here are some of the ways where robotic process automation deployment from Automation Anywhere enables you to up your collaboration stature.

  • Collaboration between the IT team and the rest of the teams  
    The tech pundits are always in favour of keeping the IT staff and business on the same side. However, this is not the situation for every organisation. There is a miscommunication between the IT department and business users which might lead to a technology disruption. The deployment of RPA solution from Automation Anywhere bridges the communication gaps between the IT department and the rest of the teams. The RPA pushes both teams to come together and identify the processes which can be automated and free up resources.
    Client collaboration – Automation Anywhere – Exigo Tech
  • Collaboration between the business and the clients
    Whether you are in a B2B or a B2C scenario, interactions with clients have always been tricky and complicated. And the sales procedure is complicated itself. There are numerous boxes to be checked off while a sale is made such as the sales order, passing the order to be dispatched or drafting an invoice. All these processes are although crucial but can be automated with RPA bots. You can automate these processes and buy yourself more time to talk with the customer, negotiate or cater to their custom requirements.
  • Collaboration between the cross-functional teams
    The situation where all business processes need to be automated, it is certain that every member of every team such as marketing, sales, invoicing, finances and customer service communicate and collaborate with each other. They need to talk with each other and find all the aspects of the process that can be automated, and the resources time can be freed up.Digital workplace – Automation Anywhere- Exigo Tech
  • Collaboration between employees and the software bots 
    With software bots controlling and running most of the procedures, it is necessary for you to build a hybrid workforce with a proper communication link between humans and the bots. Humans form an important part of the chain since they will make decisions at one or multiple points. The bots are equally necessary as they will perform all the processes. Therefore, when the regular business processes are made complex because of the inclusion of bots, it is critical to have a robust link between humans and the software bots.
  • Collaboration between the trouble shooters and problem solvers
    There are very few chances that processes get out of control when they are controlled and executed by bots. For a moment, let’s assume that one of the invoices that was managed by the bot fails. The latest bot solution from Automation Anywhere will help you find the loophole. You can contact the concerned person and with the insights provided by bots and human intelligence, the issue can be addressed and resolved quickly.

In summary

Automation is here. And it will certainly relieve humans from several processes, but it doesn’t imply that the human element will vanish from the mundane business processes. In fact, the automation solutions push the employees to come together and enhance the business operations.  

Exigo Tech, an Automation Anywhere partner in Sydney, will understand your business processes and help you find ways to automate them. We house a team of solution architects who keep intelligent automation at core while designing plans for improving your operational efficiency. To unlock improved productivity and flexibility, contact us at 1300 EXIGOTECH (394 468) or email us at


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