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The rise of technology and cloud is driving demand for a better performing Wide Area Network. As the race to deliver real-time apps to more people in more places on more devices increase, the need for bandwidth on demand also touch skyrocket. Traditional WANs with rigid routes and racks of hardware appliances are not flexible enough to keep up. By combining application and network, end-user performance metrics for visibility the IT can troubleshoot and fix these problems before the user is impacted.

We at Exigo Tech can help your enterprise build a fast, dynamic and fluid IT infrastructure that aligns with the needs of your organisation. Riverbed is one such product that we offer for WAN optimisation, application acceleration and running applications faster. Riverbed enables businesses to consolidate network infrastructure, facilitates higher productivity in a remote office, and helps in decreasing the end-user frustration. Organisations can also experience a significant decrease in bandwidth congestion and recover their costs and gain productivity. Gain benefits for your business by allowing us to build an SD-WAN network that supports your business needs and provides growth opportunities.

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At Exigo Tech, we are committed to providing you with all the support you need to be successful. SD-WAN has several advantages when compared to the traditional networks, and with our Riverbed professional services, companies can gain many benefits. To realise these many benefits and make the optimal use of network resources you can get in touch with our experts.

Maximise your visibility and performance for applications and networks and fully capitalise on cloud investments.


Visualise, remediate, optimise and accelerate the productivity of your work and application with a performance-driven network.


Leverage the secure network services and integrated capabilities to ensure the secure delivery of all the applications across your hybrid enterprise.


Create a dynamic network architecture that virtualises and retains end to end visibility of network performance and end-user experience.

Move beyond regular WAN with Exigo Tech’s managed SD-WAN services

What We Offer

We at Exigo Tech have partnered with Riverbed to help transform your network in a complete fit for purpose and bespoke way. With a complete end to end solution that is simple yet powerful, we also customise it to your needs no matter what scale you are working at.

Consulting Services

We offer exceptional Riverbed consulting solutions that are designed to help you reduce risk, accelerate and discover new ways to improve the performance of your business.


Network Monitoring

To enable organisations to troubleshoot complex issues quickly we visualise, monitor and optimise the quality of your network.


Network Optimisation

With our optimisation solutions your business can have better visibility into application, end-user experience and network performance.


Accelerate Migrations

To accelerate file transfer, cloud migration, and backups, we also optimise the network performance for Microsoft Azure.

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