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While building digitally enabled business models, entrepreneurs have understood the importance of data modernisation. They have realised that moving legacy data to modern databases has its merit and can present them with several capabilities. The ability to acquire business intelligence from the available strands of data is fueling the need for public cloud adoption or migration. The data stored in the cloud is safe from potential security threats and can be analysed in a much better way when compared with the traditional data storage methods.

We being one of the reliable public cloud providers in Australia possess the knack of tailoring infrastructure that allows you to derive desired value from the available data while keeping its security intact. We house a team of engineering experts who work with you to evaluate your business requirements and then suggest a public cloud model so that you can achieve your goals faster. Our engineers’ area of forte also covers the management and maintenance of your workloads in the public cloud environment whilst you focus on your digital revolution initiatives.

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Public Cloud Providers
Offering On-demand Services at the Ease of your Fingertips

We offer numerous cost-effective options for you to acquire an efficient development environment and work on it when you are unsure of the computing or storage resources. We certainly help you take off from this when you have clear vision of the outcomes required from the cloud deployment.

Leave the building and restructuring of public cloud resources to us and let your IT teams focus on the areas that generate more revenue.


Benefit from the pay as you use model and scale up and down as per your business requirements.


Ensure customer satisfaction by reducing time to market with an efficient application hosting and development infrastructure.


Avoid the constant concern of losing data in case of disasters as every bit of information stored in cloud is mirrored in data centres.

Weave Flexibility into your Business Fabric

What We Offer

We have partnered with the leading cloud providers to bring some of the most efficient cloud platforms to you to enhance your agility, scalability and flexibility while saving costs and resources.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

We offer AWS to enable you to increase or decrease your compute capacity within minutes or hours. The solution is ideal for those whose critical business applications should be available 24*7 for smooth operations.


Telstra Cloud Infrastructure

We incorporate Telstra Cloud infrastructure in the technology fabric of those businesses that scale up and down their resources on a regular basis. We guarantee high performance of applications with security and reliability with Telstra cloud infrastructure.


IBM Cloud

We implement IBM cloud to offer a spectrum of computing options such as virtual cloud options and bare metal servers to arm you with all the imperatives required for introducing customisations in applications.

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