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With Public Cloud services from Exigo Tech, you can focus on business growth without the worry of infrastructure provisioning and management. Our cloud solutions work well for your business if you are just starting up your digital transformation journey. With our consultancy, you can utilise our expertise across various Cloud platforms and associated technologies.

You can connect to your data (servers and storage) on demand and pay only for the resources you use. It remains a cost-effective option while providing you with a great development environment when you are unsure about your resource needs.

What’s in it for you?

Build Your Cloud Infrastructure


You can have the option of virtual servers on shared or dedicated compute in dedicated data centres.


You can have complete control of your cloud with enterprise-grade storage that lets you access and move your data, with optimised connectivity to multiple cloud platforms.

IBM Bluemix™

You can configure and deploy high-performance cloud servers for your applications.

Move to the Cloud

Expert Insights on Public Cloud

Cloud Applications

Choose from world leaders in cloud-native apps and services to innovate and create. Leverage next-generation IT that lets you design intelligent apps and services that automatically provision and scale.

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Collaborate with us to accelerate your business growth!

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