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Product Engineering and Development Services from Exigo Tech - Switch to an Evolved Solution Development Ecosystem

The businesses across Australia are focusing on releasing solutions to carve a niche in the market. They are using DevOps practices, artificial intelligence, cloud, machine learning, device mesh and big data analytics to accelerate the time to market and ensure optimum quality. The adoption of SaaS models are gaining prominence as the companies are shifting from product-based culture to services. These transitions require a competent workforce who can reskill themselves quickly and continuously. Also, the companies want to continue generating profit from their existing established products that pose challenges of scalability and bandwidth for the release of new solutions.

We at Exigo Tech help you cope with all the challenges by providing a host of services that range from product ideation and design to product testing, release and maintenance. We offer you the consult and expertise which is a prerequisite for developing future-ready products. We also get involved in helping you manage your legacy products by offering different services such as bug fixing and management and sometimes even defining its end of life after doing a market survey. We help you adopt technologies and incorporate them into your current stack to make SaaS product development a hassle-free process.

Deliver What your Customer Requires

Product Engineering and Development Services from Exigo Tech
Identify New Growth Opportunities and Drive Customer Satisfaction

We integrate siloed systems and applications to ensure that all the bottlenecks are removed, and the responsible teams are aware of the customer preferences and market trends.

Focus on innovating and ideating as we take care of the development, maintenance and management aspect of every product and service.


Design and deliver products/services that your customers prefer by using data analytics and cognitive intelligence and build a loyal clientele.


Get your products/services created on a next-generation platform to ensure their compatibility with a multitude of devices.


Respond quickly to market requirements and deliver products for domains with fewer competitors to realise quick revenue.


What We Offer

We offer you with a portfolio of product engineering and development services that support continuous innovations and enable you to survive economic fluctuations and business model disruptions.


Product Ideation

We ideate, conceptualise and create a roadmap of your product and give you a realistic picture of the costs, time-to-market and support required.


Product Viability

We conduct technical feasibility studies and help you with finding your niche in the market by analysing market trends and deciding on the pricing model.


Minimal Viable Product

We develop the core feature of the product and help you verify the viability of your product concept at a fraction of the total cost.


Product Architecture

We collaborate on the design and architecture of your product such that it is desirable, feasible, exceed customer expectations and withstand the test of time.


Product Testing and QA

We assist you with our quality assurance practices that ensure delivery of a reliable and robust product in the marketplace.


Migration and Porting

We enhance compatibility of your newly created product across different platforms and multiple languages/locales and help broaden your marketing reach.


Support and Maintenance

We monitor the performance of your products, upgrade them in a phased manner to ensure delightful user experience.

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