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Private Cloud Paves the Path for Digital Transformation

The world is struggling due to the pandemic and so are enterprises like us. We certainly have embraced the working from home scenario and have adjusted quite well to this new normal. This paradigm shift was possible because of the huge investments done by the business owners in digitalising their processes. Digitally transformed organisations can be termed as modern workplaces as these have proper equipment and systems in place to encourage collaboration and innovation amongst the geographically dispersed workforces. According to a report by IDC, by 2023 digital transformation initiatives will occupy more than half the chunk of enterprises’ IT budget. And this will be the first time when digital transformation is projected to get more funding than other ICT projects combined.

Now, that we have established that digital transformation will be the nerve of every business, we need to understand the infrastructure elements that will pivot our efforts in the right direction. Digital transformation will mold the IT processes to become customer-centric. Traditional infrastructure will not play the game here. We need those components that can be consumed to ingrain technology finely into every business process.

One of these IT elements is the private cloud. The cloud environment equips developers with the APIs and helps them maintain their innovative streak. Apart from this cloud offers analytics, computing resources, functional programming and other requisites for your digital transformation program.

Why Private Cloud is Indispensable for Your Digital Transformation Voyage?  

Deployment of a private cloud can be considered as the first step for any digital transformation journey because it offers on-demand services such as application development, storage, processing, analysis and much more on a pay as you use charge model.


  • Financial Flexibility 
    Investments in new systems to fuel digital transformation might sound imperative but in practicality, it is complicated and costly. And, if you are a small or a growing company, huge capital expenditure like these might stifle your company’s development. When you trust expert private cloud providers like us, you give us the responsibility of handling your IT as well as the physical infrastructure. We help you strategise your IT upgrades, layout your entire infrastructure and ensure minimal downtime. We plan every move with you so that the cash flow never decreases and you have ample money to take up other initiatives.
  • Agility
    The technologies and business models are becoming redundant faster than ever. To keep your pace with these changes, you need to have a resilient infrastructure in place. A private cloud gives you the flexibility to deploy resources whenever required and also remove them if need be. You need to pay for the resources you use or host in your private cloud and hence you have the opportunity to save the capital and use the same to accelerate your digital transformation initiatives.
  • Scalability
    Digital transformation requires you to have scalable systems. With a private cloud environment, you can add as many users as per the requirement and scale the business or IT operations to sustain your digital transformation efforts.
    Cloud Consulting – Private Cloud – Exigo Tech
  • Disaster Recovery and Data Backup Strategies
    Data is the fuel for your digital transformation engine. The third-party private cloud providers have a disaster recovery and data backup plan crafted by the experts and hence you can rest assured about the safety of your critical data in case of any mishaps.
  • Quick Prototyping
    You must have a development cycle to ensure that you release only quality products and there must be various stages in the cycle such as testing, implementing, conceptualising and more. A private cloud offers an ecosystem where you can quickly execute these processes and accelerate time to market for any product. You are equipped with different platforms in the private cloud which you can use to test the feasibility of different applications.
    Infrastructure and Cloud Security – Private Cloud – Exigo Tech
  • Reliable Security
    Security is the top priority for any organisation these days because every other day news of security breach hits the wireMigrating from legacy infrastructure to cloud and hosting the critical data in this environment reduces the possibilities of theft, breaches and loss in an event of any disaster.  

Private Cloud Promises You of the Intended Business Benefits of Digital Transformation  

No matter at what speed technologies shake up the business landscape, digital transformation is here to stay. And, there is no escape route to it. You have to build an infrastructure that supports your digital transformation efforts. The investment in private cloud acts as a cog in the churning wheel of your digital transformation.

Understanding the fact that cloud has become as omnipresent as the internet, the market is crowded with players. You need to be wise while making the decision. If you don’t have the market experience and want to partner with a technology expert then Exigo Tech is your choice.

We are one of the best private cloud providers across Sydney and provide you with several cloud services. We have expertise in providing managed cloud services as well. You can get in touch with one of our experts and have them tailor a cloud strategy for you that translates into a successful digital transformation campaign. To have one of our subject matter experts speak to you, call us on 1300 EXIGOTECH (394 468) or email us at Allow us to be your partners on the journey of growth and development!

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