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Get Assurance for your Cyber Security with Penetration Testing Services from Exigo Tech

One of the biggest corporate nightmares of today is a data breach and cybercrimes – the most dreaded scenario that no one wants but many do face it. Any such cyber incident that compromises a company’s image can be costly not only in terms of money but can also negatively affect sales and ruin reputations. It is hence essential in today’s world to mitigate risks and enhance your visibility.  

Our security consultants use a combination of techniques to identify the vulnerabilities in your system. Our approach also helps in determining the extent to which your existing systems can defend against cyber threats. We conduct penetration testing from the perspective of a hacker utilising in house tools, vulnerability scanning and expertise. Not only this, but we also help you in fixing these issues and leave no stone unturned in taking actionable remediation tasks. This type of laser-focused penetration testing helps your organisation in building a more impenetrable security posture. 

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Enhance visibility of your environment using
penetration testing

IT penetration testing can be highly beneficial in identifying gaps in your security infrastructure and problems with your security policy. Pen testing can provide several advantages to your company, listed below are some of the benefits: 
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Evaluates your organisation’s ability to protect its application, networks, endpoints and users from internal and external attempts to evade the security controls and gain unauthorised access.

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Provides detailed information on the actual exploitable security threats which allows your business to more intelligently prioritise security patches, apply remediation and allocate security resources effectively.

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Serves as a quality assurance giving a brief insight into what strategies are more effective and is working for your organisation. With this information you can ensure that the security resources are available as and when needed.

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Addresses the general auditing and compliance aspects of industry best practices. Penetration testing can also help in illustrating ongoing due diligence to maintain the required security controls.

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What We Offer

We provide a six-step penetration testing approach which ensures that organisations receive quality results, and their systems are protected against threats. We make use of a variety of tools tailored to suit your business needs. 
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Gather Information

We work with your company to fully understand your business operations, security postures and collect data to prepare for the pretesting phase. We also outline the logistics for the tests, their legal implications and goals that you would like to achieve.

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Threat Modelling

We identify threats in your organisation, target networks and applications and model those threats in a way that reveals the types of activities conducted during penetration testing. We take this a step further by applying countermeasures and design ways to test the weak points and prevent attacks.

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Vulnerability Analysis

We conduct vulnerability test and assessment to reduce the possibility of intrusions and unauthorised access. We also define the possible points of entry and implement controls to prevent the violation of security.

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Exploitation Measures

We focus solely on establishing access to your system or resources by bypassing the security measures you have in place. The focus here is to identify the main entry point into your system and identify all the high-value target assets.

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Post Exploitation

We work up to this point to find the vulnerable spots for exploitation and after that is accomplished, we find out the level of risks to your business and determine the value of compromised machines.

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Pen Test Reporting

We help facilitate the remediation process through actionable guidance that drives security improvements. We provide a detailed report after completion of the penetration testing highlighting the strategies to improve your security and conduct remedial checks wherever necessary.

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