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There has been a huge increase in the cloud adoption amongst businesses as it exhibits various capabilities. Many businesses also adopted a new working pattern that is, remote working or work from home as the world was hit by the pandemic. Therefore, the pressure to invest in devices and applications that can accommodate the needs of these workers also increased. The traditional networking solutions that were tailored with multiple protocol label switching (MPLS) failed to provide the required bandwidth.

Exigo Tech, an eminent partner of Palo Alto, offers SD-WAN solutions that allow you to manage high network traffic at any point of time. This next generation SD-WAN solution can be managed with a Panorama network security system that has in-built controls for security and connectivity. With this solution, you can deploy end-to-end software defined networks (SD-WAN) and ensure appropriate internet bandwidth and speed. You can bring all of your branches onto the same network and your IT personnel from the head-office can configure internet infrastructure for the branch offices, as the Palo Alto SD-WAN solution can be deployed with zero touch provisioning (ZTP). Contact us today to discuss the further capabilities of this feature-rich internet connectivity solution.

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with Palo Alto SD WAN Solutions and Exigo Tech

We, being a technology solution provider understand the importance of cloud, IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other components in your business fabric. We bring to you a superior quality connectivity solution that allows you to extend the capabilities of every technology across your organisation.

Adopt an end-to-end SD-WAN solution and ensure high network performance and uninterrupted connectivity with an easily manageable SD-WAN.


Be confident while sharing any sensitive information over SD-WAN as Palo Alto solutions are encrypted with the latest security protocols.


Fuel your employees’ productivity and allow them to work from anywhere and any device with the reliable connectivity offered by SD-WAN.


Save on capital and eliminate the hassles of installing new infrastructure to accommodate the SD-WAN as these are compatible with your existing firewalls and other IT components.

A Connectivity Solution that Makes you Technology Enabled

What We Offer

Digital transformation has become a must-have for businesses. And, this need has accentuated the requirement of SD-WAN solutions that can support routine business operations. We adopt a systematic approach while laying out networks for you to ensure that these are resilient enough to support your business’ technological initiatives.


Flexible Deployment Options

Palo Alto networks are flexible enough to be deployed in any formation such as mesh, hub-and-spoke and cloud. We understand your present requirements and then suggest an option that aligns with your business goals.


Centralised Management and Monitoring System

Utilise the Panorama network security management system to monitor the status of your entire SD-WAN. You can check the connectivity and security strature of your network solution from the same window.


Technical Support

Our team of network engineers keep an eagles’ eye on your network to ensure that issue/error is solved at the initial stage before it generates a drastic impact on routine operations.

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