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Today, companies far and wide spend billions on security products. With the cyber-attacks filling in both complexity and volume, and the hacked data being misused, cybersecurity is turning into a significant challenge for the businesses. As cyber threats have become more unpredictable, so do the instruments that are being used to battle them out. With the cybersecurity advancing so rapidly the organisations need to have solutions that can leverage the recent technologies and ward off the threats.

Regardless of whether your emphasis is on remote offices, data centres, risk management or industry-specific security we alongside Palo Alto Networks  empower you to pick up full control and visibility over your network. Palo Alto Networks secure your business with threat prevention centered engineering that is easy to deploy and use. Such next-generation firewalls assist enterprises with receiving security developments rapidly. By utilising a robust threat management framework, our Exigo Tech team gives total protection to your critical IT assets while guaranteeing that the business compliance requirements are met.

New workforce demands new protection approaches

Get security innovations readily available
with Palo Alto Networks solutions

Drive Innovation, increase productivity and improve customer experience while limiting the risk across business, customers and suppliers. Together Exigo Tech and Palo Alto Networks can accelerate your business transformations while improving your organisation’s network performance, security and much more.

Keep away from business disruption and gain performance with Palo Alto Networks security platform that provides a secured stage tailored to your needs. It delivers automated and consistent protection across open and private clouds so that you can quickly adopt to cloud services.


Limit the endpoint infections and block all the exploits and ransomware by implementing advanced endpoint protection solutions. It also helps you stop threats and enforce network security to prevent cyberattacks successfully.


Safely enable your applications by combining the cloud, network and security with advanced threat intelligence. This platform also harnesses analytics to automatically detect and block known and unknown attacks.


Focus on your business priorities and streamline routine tasks with consistent security across the network and cloud.


You can also prevent cyber-attacks through accurate analytics and automation from Palo Alto Networks.

Palo Alto Networks offerings to secure the clouds of today against the threats of tomorrow

What We Offer

Global cybersecurity leader Palo Alto along with our team at Exigo Tech can shape a cloud-centric secure future with technologies that are transforming the way organisations operate.

Network Security

Intelligent and industry-defined security that prevents attacks and protects users, applications and data. Strata is a comprehensive solution from Palo Alto Networks which can meet all the security requirements of your growing remote workforce from a single place.


Cloud Security

Exigo Tech’s multicolour security powered by Prisma cloud, provides consistent security, compliance, visibility and automated risk prioritisation. You can protect each resource throughout the lifecycle and across any cloud with Palo Alto’s Prisma cloud solutions.


Secure Operations

Operational security powered by Palo Alto Networks, prioritises risk exposure in Operational technology by providing automatic responses and real-time intelligence. With Cortex - AI-based continuous security platform your business can evolve constantly by defending most sophisticated threats.


Endpoint Protection

An intelligent system with automatic reprogramming option which blocks the known and unknown threats to your system or applications. No matter where your user, content and applications are, our endpoint protection solution covers it all.

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