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Our Vision Ferried to Reality! Exigo Tech Goes Global with its Operations with the Newest Office in Singapore

Exigo Tech has recently opened its doors in Singapore with several key services including:

  • Application development
  • Custom product development and integration
  • Cloud and infrastructure.
  • Security

Over the last 5 years, Exigo Tech has been a strong partner for both Microsoft and Telstra and as our branding started to drive us to a global offering over the last 12 months, Singapore has been a market that has welcomed Exigo Tech’s local presence.

Our focus for the first year will be very simple – to replicate the success we have built in our Australia and global markets and to focus in our delivery of Microsoft and Telstra solutions. We aim to provide the Singapore market with our agility and build our reputation through innovation and a clear business understanding of our customers’ requirements. Over the years, we will then look to diversify our portfolio with Business Modernisation, Customer service and flexibility as the market changes.

Sales Director Niten Devalia quotes:

It’s only been two months since we passed the 5 year mark and already we have created important changes with our vendors, suppliers and customers. Our motivation and hunger is stronger than ever. Vivek and I always knew that it is the technology that enables businesses to develop and we want to be present at every location to enable our clients with multiple offices to reach new heights. Offices in Singapore, India and the Philippines along with Australia is just the beginning and we all have a long journey to go through.

Of course, Microsoft played the role of the catalyst when it came to setting foot in the Singapore market, but the Asian market is not an unknown destination for us. With a footprint across Asia, we have a strong understanding and knowledge of businesses’ requirements and their working styles. With this pragmatic way of thinking, we are confident and excited about opening our office in Singapore.

With our recent accreditation of Global Partnership status for Telstra Enterprise, we can now do business of Telstra products and services with our customers within the APAC region. This partnership with Telstra will also allow us to help improve the local customer experience and help drive different conversations in this digital world.

With our focus also now on global markets, Managing Director Vivek Trivedi quotes

Taking Exigo Tech to a global level was the dream for Niten and I. Singapore is a highly regulated country with fair rules for commercial activities in place. We are looking forward to enabling more businesses with our expertise in cloud solutions and infrastructure along with our efficient applications. Our long-term goal with the Singapore office is to paint our image as that of a leading technology solution provider as we have in Australia.

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