Organisational Chart Power App from Exigo Tech – A Key to Improving Information Flow in the Business

Wasting productive morning hours in finding a parking space for your vehicle at your organisation is certainly not a great way to start your day. On the other hand, adjusting cars to enable every employee to get a parking space is not the favourite activity of an administrator as well. To eliminate these hassles, we have designed a Book Parking Application on Microsoft App Source.

The Business Need

Digital transformation is hitting every corner of the business and the HR department is not to be left alone. Along with the change in processes, the employees and employers’ mindset is changing too. The present workforce includes millennials who prefer receiving all the information at the ease of a few clicks. Also, employees at an organisation are handling multiple responsibilities so it chews up their productive time when they sit down to explain the hierarchical structure with the help of a paper and pen. The Organisation Chart Power App is an ideal solution for modern businesses.  

The Solution

The Organisational Chart Power App picks up the contacts directly from the Microsoft Azure Directory and eliminates the manual efforts of making entries. The user can type the keywords to get the email address and username of the required personnel. The manager’s details are displayed in different colours making it easier for the user to find reporting authorities and raise concerns or pass on the appreciation. Within the application only, the user has the flexibility to send message or call the preferred employee. Both operations will be completed via Microsoft Teams. With the Organisational Chart Power App, it becomes easy for any employee to see the contribution they are making to the growth and development of the organisation and hustle; in turn improve productivity. The number of team members are displayed making it easier for management to count the resource deficit and orient the recruitment process accordingly.  

Technology Used

Business Benefits

The Organisational Chart Power App is engineered to offer you a plethora of benefits.

Paint a clear hierarchical structure to reduce ambiguity

Apply filters to get access to the required information quickly

Take the technological route to explain hierarchies to the recruits

Enhance collaboration and communication between your workforce

Improve security by defining access rights for every employee

Case Study

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