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Realise the full potential of your Nutanix platform and transform your business with infrastructure services delivered by Exigo Tech

With many companies now being forced to work from home, enterprises are struggling to manage their cloud infrastructure as efficient as they did before. And tasks such as troubleshooting, infrastructure management and software updates are generally carried out at datacentres. But with social distancing in place, it isn’t possible for companies to maintain larger teams of IT technicians onsite. Nutanix is a part of Exigo Tech’s cloud, hybrid and multicloud solutions. We at Exigo Tech can customise configurations to meet the unique needs of your business beyond the pre-defined service offerings.

Our HCI solution offered in partnership with Nutanix – a recognised leader, provides businesses with an IT environment that is agile, future focused and centrally managed. We also help you in identifying your organisation’s datacenter challenges and needs to establish an architecture to guide your transition to HCI. Nutanix cloud enterprise now extends storage services as a part of its one click deployment process. This new feature now includes cloud tiering for object storage, hybrid cloud file storage and simplified disaster recovery. With our services, enterprises can rapidly deploy a web based, single scalable solution with reduced risk and accelerate their digital transformation. 

Run any applications, simply and securely

Transform your physical datacentre
with Nutanix defined intelligence

In combination with Nutanix, Exigo Tech makes for a perfect solution to maintain, manage and protect your digital infrastructure. We bring a range of benefits to applications through enterprise storage, infrastructure resilience, data protection, management and analytics. 

Integrate all your IT resources to run any application while delivering consumer grade simplicity that makes management of infrastructure effortless.


Have a single point of control for all your data and applications across all your clouds and drive multicloud mobility.


Ensure that your critical data and workload is available when and where you need them and roll out new capabilities quickly.


Leverage the agile and fractional IT consumption benefits of public cloud with the security needed in business datacentre.

Simplifying the complexities of traditional IT infrastructure

What We Offer

Whether you are a database team, DevOps or IT we can help you simplify your multiple cloud environment so that you can use the cloud of your choice or deliver any business app. From initial assessment to strategy followed by deployment and operations, we help you modernise your business infrastructure. We offer a complete set of professional services to help you transform your business with the Nutanix platform. 

Consulting Services

Our consulting services are for design, assessment, deployment and optimising Nutanix environments. Right from appliances rack and stack to workload optimisation, we utilise Nutanix best tools and practices.


Deployment Services

We deploy solutions adhering to the standards, delivered by our experienced Nutanix certified engineers. Leverage experienced consultants to accelerate value creation and mitigate deployment risks.


Migration Services

We review and verify migration requirements and assumptions while executing a plan for migration. Our experts will assist in moving data from the existing servers to the files running on the Nutanix platform.


Data Storage Services

We deliver simplified single pane storage for your structured and unstructured data through the Nutanix Cloud Platform. Benefit from this increased resilience through database as a service solution from our experts.

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