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Orchestrate your organisation’s network security to be resilient against cyber-attacks. 

Secure your network against advanced threats

Prepare Your Business for the Threats of the Digital World with Reliable Network Security Services

As you are reading this, there are attackers persistently working to breach your network security and find a way in.  With businesses moving towards digitisation and incorporating cloud solutions in their environment to leverage several benefits such as interconnected processes, scalability and optimum operational efficiency, the threats are growing bigger. The increase in the number of touchpoints and the security perimeter becoming broad has introduced numerous vulnerabilities and multiplied the risks by manifold. Adopting a reactive approach in the current time is not the ideal way. 

Exigo Tech, one of the best network security service providers in Australia, has a team of highly skilled and qualified engineers that is available 24*7 to monitor, manage and prevent your network from any attacks. Our next generation network security solutions can help you identify the network anomalies and solve them before they act as an entrance for hackers.

Network Management, Simplified!

Network Security Services from Exigo Tech
An Imperative to Protect Valuable Information

Build a one-on-one network that emphasises on security, with our network security service experts. We are here to help you elevate your business. 

Monitor your network components such as on-premise solutions, applications, databases, storage and firewalls from a centralised location.


Adopt a proactive approach for safeguarding your network resources from attacks as you get the notifications and alerts regarding breaches.


Reduce the impact of any breach by remaining prepared with the remediation strategies.


Build a modern workplace by empowering the workforce to operate from anywhere and share files securely.

Benefit from Our Impeccable Network Security Services

What We Offer

Discuss your network layout with us and we will build a secured layer over different network components as per their priority and threats they are exposed to. 

Secure Access Service Edge Solutions

Optimise performance, enhance the security posture and reduce the time to develop new products with Secure Access Service Edge Solutions (SASE) - a convergence of security and networking. Exigo Tech is the only SASE provider to support consistent and business grade protection across every checkpoint based on the security-driven strategy.


SD-WAN / MPLS Solutions

We deliver a fully integrated security stack and network to protect branch propagation of threats and enable adoption of local internet breakout with SD-WAN solutions. We protect your organisation against attacks without disrupting the network performance for a better cloud experience.


Managed Threat Response Solutions

We take focused actions to neutralise the most sophisticated threats on your behalf. With Managed Threat Response (MTR) solutions, we bring you multi vector threat response detection at a remarkable speed to contain attacks quickly.


Managed Network Security

We are focused on implementing practical and scalable network security plans for your business. Our managed network security solutions ensure that your data and applications are delivered on a secure network quickly over a long distance.


Internet Security Solution

We deliver a comprehensive internet security solution bringing together anti-malware, data loss prevention, web filtering and broad integration. We consider several internet security strategies to keep your network safe.

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