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Network Monitoring Services from Exigo Tech
The ldeal Way to Make the Most Out of Your Networks

Modern businesses function on connected networks and processes. Therefore, it is quite essential for the IT team to continuously monitor network to detect anomalies and security breaches before these become big enough to interrupt business activities. These heavy systems require special attention from your IT team which they give to their core activities. Outsourcing IT infrastructure and network monitoring services is an ideal way in this situation.

Exigo Tech, a Telstra Platinum partner, is a managed service provider who provides you with a portfolio of applications that help you expand your business. We thoroughly monitor your network resources and properties and lay the path for your future IT development after considering all the strategic aspects. We are trained to configure, monitor and secure your network infrastructure and make it compliant with the recommended standards and policies.

Track and Trace Network Anomalies

Outsource Network Monitoring to US
and Find Ample Time to Create and Drive Innovations

We use proven techniques and applications designed by Telstra to ensure superior performance of your network allowing your internal IT team to focus on other imperatives.  

Manage and monitor all the networks from one location and save costs


Get visibility of the numerous components and ensure their optimum health


Receive notifications about issues and get them rectified in near real-time


Limit unauthorised access with the latest software and mitigate data theft possibilities


Drive network efficiency measures based on the regular network analysis reports


What We Offer

We house a team of experts who drive intelligence from the latest applications and software to enhance network efficiency so that you can pave the path for industry 4.0.


Automated network checks

We automate network monitoring processes for your business to detect anomalies and resolve them before they impact your organisation’s bottom line.


Centralised monitoring platforms

We monitor your networks on the platforms that are powered by Telstra. This allows us to give you complete visibility of your network resources.


Immediate notifications

We push notifications in case of any critical event within your network infrastructure so that you can spring into action and take essential remedial measures.


Insightful reports

We offer reports which have updates about all your network components and their effectiveness and the suggestions on how to make your network immune to cyber-attacks.

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