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NBN Services from Exigo Tech
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Digital business models and increasing dependency on cloud solutions have made it imperative for businesses to invest in connectivity solutions. Also, the need to build an infrastructure that enables the businesses to survive in the 4th industrial revolution is fueling the requirement of enterprise-grade broadband connectivity, not to forget the need to connect and communicate with the remote staff or the workforce in different parts of the world. We at Exigo Tech offer NBN services to help you build a connected infrastructure for your business applications to function and employees to collaborate. We understand your business requirements and then suggest a plan that supports your connectivity needs. We chose a plan that prioritises data in a manner that you get consistent speed across your entire organisation and your mission-critical applications don’t experience any dropouts. We discuss all the conditions and features of any plan with you to enable you to choose the best and get the desired outcomes from your network.

Seamless Connectivity

Get Connectivity that Forms
the Base of Business Continuity

We deliver NBN services that are based on the latest technologies to provide you with the high-speed internet for your video conferencing or cloud computing needs.

Run your applications which require access to data in real-time without any disruptions


Connect with your colleagues over video, audio calls or conferences without any glitches


Access high-speed internet to build flexible working environments


Create the right infrastructure for your business applications to yield desired outcomes


Keep your business online 24*7 with minimal downtime

Appropriate Bandwidth to Support your Business Operations

What We Offer

We conduct discussions with you to understand your requirements and then suggest plans which prioritise data routes according to your needs.  

Round the Clock Support

We have a dedicated team, committed to responding quickly if there is any network issue or failure to ensure that the applications which have maximum impact on your businesses’ bottom line don’t remain down for a long period.


Numerous Plans to Support Business Imperatives

We offer plans with consistent network speed that supports the smooth functioning of your business applications and allows you to harness the data from other technologies such as cloud computing and IoT.

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