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Modern Workplace and Collaboration – How to Achieve it with Telstra Calling for Office 365 Services in Australia

68% of Australian workers have resorted to working from home pertaining to the COVID19 situation. The situation has also increased the gaps between individuals and their teams, therefore, companies had to think about the ways to bridge this gap. Technology is to their rescue in this situation. There are many applications which are designed to boost collaboration between the team members. Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and Telstra Calling for Office 365 services for Australian businesses are some of them.  

Let’s learn at length about these tools and how they promote connection between the employees – 

  • Microsoft Outlook  
    Workplace and emails are synonymous to each other. But some email applications are not mobile which keep your employees confined to their desks eliminating the aspect of mobility. Some email clients are not transparent which restricts the team’s productivity. Cloud email solutions such as Microsoft Outlook is equipped with features that empowers your team members to receive and send emails from their smartphones, schedule meetings and access other applications from Microsoft 365 suite. Availability of these features enables the organisations to improve communication and collaboration between their team members and empower them with the right tools to elevate productivity.
  • Microsoft Teams 
    Connecting links between team members with those who are distributed globally is difficult. We need tools that bridge the gap between members. Microsoft Teams is one such tool which allows employees to communicate with each other over text messages and audio/video calls and share files and documents to collaborate over it.  You can create groups for the team members who are working on the same project to make communication between them a hassle-free process. Being a product from the Microsoft collaboration suite, Microsoft Teams is a secured platform to share messages or confidential files. Also, integration with third party applications such as Microsoft Power Automate, Microsoft Azure and Forms is available which makes communication easy.  
  • Telstra Calling for Office 365
    Telstra Calling for Office 365 services in Australia is one step up from Microsoft Teams calling. You have the flexibility to receive or attend PSTN calls from your Microsoft Teams interface. Firstly, your employees don’t have to remain tied to their desks to attend or make calls. They can do the same from their smartphones while retaining their corporate identity. Telstra Calling for Office 365 calling services in Australia is a result of the association between Microsoft and Telstra, therefore, you are ensured about the security of your conversations as well.   
  • SharePoint  
    As per a survey, an employee spends 18% of their time on an average searching for a file. Also, a lost file raises a lot of concerns. SharePoint platform is an ideal solution for this. Use Microsoft SharePoint as your document library and you will never misplace any file. Also, the changes made by anyone in the file are displayed allowing you to keep a close track of the versions. Share the company news, policies and other important events with your team members and ensure that every employee in your organisation is updated.

The Ending Note

Collaboration and communication certainly form the backbone of a successful organisationAnd, the above-mentioned applications completely help you ace the collaboration game. You can also integrate these tools with other applications to streamline your business operations. Having appropriate knowledge about these applications will enable you to reap the intended benefits of the same. To get expert guidance on these, you can get in touch with Exigo Tech today.  

Exigo Tech, a Microsoft Gold partner and Telstra Platinum Partner, houses a team of technology enthusiasts who have expert knowledge on Microsoft and other technology solutions. We can help you create a robust collaboration network where your employees can connect with each other, exchange information and innovate. To start building your collaboration infrastructure today, call us on 1300 EXIGOTECH (394 468) or email us at


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