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With the current world scenario changing the business paradigms, mobility seems to be a roller-coaster ride. In the rat race of mobility, mobile devices have replaced desktops. Mobile devices have now become a more convenient and feasible option for employees across the globe, sitting in varied locations centralising communication has become flawless and effortless.

Mobile-based digital transformation has become the catalyst for defining mobility for enterprises. Nonetheless, companies need to have mobile-first-mobile-must strategy to captivate the real-time value of connectivity that can promote professional productivity, market enabling, and partnerships. More and more companies are understanding the advantages of how their employees can access their work from different locations and different places and can increase the efficiency and productivity delivering their best. At Exigo Tech, we know what it takes to build responsive mobile apps in an increasingly competitive world. We provide enterprise mobility solutions that are interesting and keep the users engaged. Our development team ensures that all the critical aspects of mobile app development are covered. 

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Mobile Solutions for
Accelerated Business Operations

Improved communication in a workplace is always an added benefit for enterprise that wish to make their organisations go mobile. 

Improved Communication in the workplace


Improved data accuracy


Business process optimisation


Cost and Time savings


Better Collaboration and co-ordination


Connectivity improves productivity

What We Offer
Go Mobile, Become Agile

We create mobility solutions specific to your industry and nature of the business so that you are able to empower your employees to work from anywhere and any device.  


CRM Application

We develop user-friendly CRM solutions which allow your sales team to have all the data regarding leads, contacts and other imperatives at the ease of their devices. With improved accessibility to data, they can have informed conversation with their clients.


Shipment Tracking Application

We design intuitive mobile applications that connects shippers directly with the carriers so that businesses can efficiently handle the logistics aspect. The carriers can track their packages and communicate with the drivers directly to confirm the details.


Event Management Application

We engineer applications with easy navigation controls that empowers businesses to invite people on their contact list by sending customised invites from their phone. The organisers can chat with the attendees and pass on the necessary information.


Visitor Tracking Application

We enable businesses to monitor the number of visitors entering their premises whether the head office or a branch office on a common platform. Availability of this information at a centralised location enables businesses to be safe during strange times such as COVID-19.


Fleet Management Application

We design enterprise mobility applications that enables drivers to ditch their hefty hardware systems and get updated with the necessary information or enter their work in the system at the ease of their smartphones.

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