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Share, Collaborate and Empower your Team with SharePoint

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Accelerate productivity with SharePoint online available with Office 365 to collaborate within your organisation with internal or external stake holders.

Trust the SharePoint Consultants at Exigo Tech to increase your organisational efficiencies. Whether it’s a simple but intuitive document library, complex operational workflows or a SharePoint implementation strategy, we will guide you every step of the way.

With service offerings from Exigo Tech, you can:

  • Devise your SharePoint strategy
  • Migrate File Server to SharePoint document library
  • Build intranet portal – to collaborate, share, and work on projects

  • Manage workflows, approvals and documents
  • Upgrade older versions of SharePoint to latest ones
  • Integrate with Microsoft and third-party applications

Harness the Power of Collective Knowledge

Facilitate team collaboration

Keep different teams and departments in sync with seamless sharing of files,
data, news and resources

Simplify project management

Monitor status of every project with intuitive lists and dashboards.

Streamline document management

Track updates in numerous files and documents with seamless access within or outside the organisation.

Build cohesion

Operate at optimum organisational efficiency by sharing common resources and applications.

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Realise the Power of Teamwork

Organise your business with simple SharePoint solutions from Sydney based service provider, Exigo Tech. To solve your critical business issues, give us a call today!

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