Convert data into rich visuals using Power BI

Stay ahead of the trends with real time data updates!

In today’s digital world, businesses are driven with Data, and the data-driven decision-making process is considered as an asset that strengthens the Business. It has hence, become essential to monitor your business frequently, and Power BI helps enterprises do just that. Microsoft Power BI is a powerful analytics tool for business which offers a platform to collect, analyse and visualise data through interactive reports, attractive visualisation, thereby empowering businesses to boost profitability. At Exigo Tech, we understand that consistent and up to date data is essential for monitoring and evaluating your business. 

Being a Gold-certified Microsoft partner, our Power BI consultants have hands-on experience in implementing Microsoft Power BI whether it is on-premise or the cloud. Power BI solutions from us will assist you with encountering your data the way you want and discover the answers to your questions in real-time, thereby helping you make well-informed decisions to further your business. We also assist you to drive your business through interactive data visualisations that will encourage new approaches of thinking. We have been delivering business analytics services by mixing the potential of powerful tools and our experience for many years. Whether consultants, managements or software developers our Power BI professionals stand for high quality, individualised, sustainable services that are used across divisions, source system, functions and industries. We offer substantial added value with a lasting effect for successful corporate management in Australian BI environment. 

Turn complicated data into Business intelligence using Power BI

Implement Power BI to generate information,
knowledge and actions using your data.

Make your business data-driven and gain reliable, automated and accessible data with our Power BI solutions. Let the technology provide insights so that you can provide direction. You also get multiple benefits while using Microsoft Power BI, a few of them are listed below.

Connect your data with ease and bring your data to life with real-time dashboards and reports.


Help your employees and customers make better decisions with data access in a single view across their ecosystem.

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Keep your data up to date with incremental refreshes, automated system, complete governance and high security.

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Access live Microsoft Power BI dashboards and reports anytime, anywhere and from any device.

Use Power BI to make informed decisions with your data

What We Offer

We offer end-to-end business intelligence solutions using Power BI including data management, reporting, BI dashboards, custom visualisation and advanced analytics through a single platform. 


Power BI consulting services

Our consulting team will gather and create a BI roadmap for you to see how you can use your data to gain amazing insights. This will help you pick the next course of action for your enterprise.


Power BI Designing services

We leverage our vast experience in designing optimised BI dashboards. We also help you in monitoring the most critical data from across all your organisations and all apps in a single platform and provide a unified user experience with Power BI on the web.


BI integration services

Exigo Tech has the expertise to build enterprise cloud enabled Power BI with Azure services creating unique business intelligence solutions.


BI Embedded services

We deliver powerful visual interactive reports and effortlessly embed BI and analytics in your web app with our Embedded services. We also assist in building robust models with your data to provide consistent reporting and analysis.

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