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Modern business leaders are aware of the fact that the only way to sustain in the future is to start building a resilient and flexible organisation from today. Entrepreneurs need to continuously work on their approach and need to come up with new solutions that earn them a name in the market and enable them to grab more opportunities. To achieve all this, businesses need to equip their teams with the right tools. They have to arm them with advanced solutions such as Microsoft Power Platform that enables professionals to create innovative solutions and be resilient.  

Microsoft Power Automate (previously known as Microsoft Flow)a member of the Microsoft Power Platform family, enables you to build customised workflows and give an automated spin to your existing processes. Exigo Tech is a Microsoft Gold partner that specialise in incorporating Microsoft applications in your business setup for you to automate your routine operations and digitally transform them. Our team of talented and experienced professionals sets workflows that allow you to derive insights from every business activity such as marketing or salesYou can use these to make informed decisions and explore growth and development opportunities. Let us help you build a digitally enabled resilient organisation 

Empower Your Team with the Correct Automation Tools

Let Your Employees Create an Application with Microsoft Power Automate
and Uplift Productivity Levels

We conduct interactive sessions and discussions with you to understand your business processes, learn about your challenges and identify a pre-built template in the Microsoft Power Automate environment to solve them 

Create customised workflows and optimise your productivity by building applications for every mundane process.


Reduce the time consumed to complete any task by simplifying it with several AI components of the Power Automate platform.


Include AI and other advanced components in your applications with minimal coding knowledge and enhance productivity.


Visualise data from a single application; share it within the applications and derive valuable insights for tailoring business development strategies.

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What We Offer

We house a team of skillful and certified developers who are well-versed with the intricacies of Microsoft Power Automate. We offer a variety of services as Microsoft Gold partners and enable you to build a modern workplace with the Microsoft ecosystem.  


We prepare comprehensive strategies to determine whether new applications should be designed to harness the full capabilities of Power Automate (formerly known as Microsoft Flow) or modifications can be done in the existing solutions. We prepare a roadmap for you to build a modern initiate digital transformation with Microsoft Power Platform.



We have a team of Power Automate developers who specialise in studying your current business processes and engineering the applications that complement your routine operations. We have made several apps using the Power platform and listed them on Microsoft App Source.



We use the in-built Power Automate connectors and integrate them with the applications in your stack so that you can save on training time. You can utilise the integration between Power Automate and other applications such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 to automate mundane processes.



We help you move away from your existing applications by migrating your data from legacy or traditional applications to solution generated using the Power Platform. The applications tailored on the Automate platform presents a host of opportunities by automating routine processes.


Robotic Process Automation

We, your trusted partner for Power Automate services, enable you to drive value from your analog data by using our automation expertise. We use our knowledge of Power Automate connectors and our hands-on experience with the cloud deployment to help you kickstart your automation journey.

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