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Businesses are now shifting from the conventional way of operating with IT resources for several reasons such as reliability, performance, productivity, security speed, or global scale. Microsoft Azure cloud makes it easier for you to adopt and deploy solutions to achieve your business goals. We at Exigo Tech, specialise in building and delivering powerful solutions on the Microsoft Azure platform.

As the most experienced Microsoft gold partner we help you fully explore the power of Azure. We have an expert team of consultants who integrate, architect, govern, and secure solutions based on Azure across systems and devices. Backed by a team of experts and trusted by enterprises, we offer robust Azure development services in a secure cloud environment. We understand that businesses of various sizes conduct business differently. We transform their relationship with their employees, partners, suppliers, and vendors using digital solutions. Our development systems are engineered to manage your workflow and meet your custom business needs. We not only leverage the power of Microsoft Azure to create multi-platform, scalable, and enterprise-grade solutions but also help you in training your employees with the latest technology when required. Get in touch with us to get end-to-end Microsoft azure services that ensure the efficient running of your daily business activities.

Azure services for enhanced business productivity

Get multi-platform, powerful, and scalable
enterprise-grade Microsoft Azure solutions

The enticing combination of cloud technologies with Azure serves as a service package that can improve digital infrastructure performance for your business. At Exigo Tech, you not only benefit from modern Microsoft cloud technologies but also reap profits from our best Azure services.

Streamline your business process and have secure transactions using Blockchain, Bots, Cognitive APIs, and machine learning from Azure cloud services.


Keep your business abreast of technological changes from a centralized dashboard of Microsoft Azure.


Manage, automate, and orchestrate business processes with the integration of data, apps, and systems on Azure logic apps.


Elevate business experience through the development of innovative and impactful Azure solutions for web, internet, and mobile with rich user experience.

A comprehensive experience in building robust Azure solutions

What We Offer

We provide a holistic set of Microsoft Azure services and innovative business solutions on the Microsoft Azure platform. We design and build software for business development and offer architects pre-built methodologies and strategy using Azure for your business development.


We help businesses uncover the true value from data using cloud-scale analytics through deep integrations and delivery expertise. Such next-generation Azure SQL data solution also allows businesses to answer the data related questions faster and more repeatedly.



We provide a range of Azure services consisting of management, governance, and control across business applications. We also provide a set of software solutions and connectivity platform for multi-cloud through the Azure Marketplace.


Azure Databricks

We use Databricks for transition from proprietary systems to new business models with modern Azure services. Right from setup to management we simplify how data works so that you can scale up your business.



We assist in simplifying cloud management by the elimination of time-consuming tasks and recurring errors. With Azure cloud, tasks can be automated, and inventories can be collected and tracked easily.


Cloud Security

We have a wide range of solutions built to protect your apps, data, and infrastructure on Azure cloud. We ensure that your security measures are ironclad through our risk and identity management solutions.



We enforce thoughtful planning and seamless expedition in moving your digital business to the Azure cloud. Our Azure developers facilitate a hassle-free migration to enable you to quickly achieve your set business goals.



We achieve a balance between speed and security with Azure DevOps for faster delivery of codes on the scale. We not only provide real-time data but also help you apply reconfigurations whenever required.


Single Point Hub

We let you build, access, manage and monitor everything from web apps to complex cloud applications in a unified, single console and stay connect with your resources using the Microsoft Azure portal.


Advisory and Support

We routinely manage your Azure environment so that you can focus on your business priorities. Our experts provide support and personal advisory services to help you in your digital transformation journey.

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