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Trust Exigo Tech’s Services and Caliber to Bring Azure Cloud Services to Your Data Centre with Microsoft Azure Stack

Public cloud, undoubtedly is the staple of every businesses’ IT infrastructure. The solution addresses several modern problems such as enhanced operational efficiency, improved accessibility of critical applications and better workload management. However, the private cloud is unable to cater to the enterprises’ requirements of compliance assurance, latency and optimised performance during uncertain times. Azure Stack allows you to bring the capabilities of Azure to your data centre and address all the issues of a modern workplace. Azure Stack is equipped with the features that satisfy your needs for data privacy and security. Furthermore, with this cloud environment, you are enabled to host your cloud native applications in an on-premises scenario.

Exigo Tech as a Microsoft Gold partner, has all the resources and knowledge to advise you to include the Azure Stack into your cloud strategy. Our professionals possess the skill set of managing all the moving parts of this extended version of Microsoft Azure cloud. We are aware of the new compliance and governance rules that Azure Stack brings to the table and hence can help you build a corresponding environment that enables you to see its benefits across your entire organisation. Allow us to empower you and enhance your services with Microsoft Azure Stack.

Develop and Run Applications in the Environment of Your Choice

Explore the Flexibility of Choosing the
Computing Environment as Per Your Needs with Microsoft Azure Stack

We offer comprehensive services for Azure Stack to ensure that you are able to benefit the most from its capabilities. Extend Microsoft Azure cloud services to your data centre and resolve connectivity issues and maximise your business performance.

Let your developers use powerful automation tools such as Azure PowerShell Extensions and develop apps directly for the hybrid cloud environment.


Develop your business applications on the platforms of your choice and deploy them in the hybrid cloud scenario and augment productivity.


Increase the usability of your applications by incorporating the latest functionalities in it as Azure Stack receive updates regularly.


Rest assured regarding the security of the data stored in Azure Stack as the security patches such as firmware and drivers are released at regular intervals.

Empower Your Preferred Environment with Azure Cloud Capabilities

What We Offer

We as your Microsoft Azure Cloud consultants, examine your current infrastructure to identify the places where the Azure capabilities should be extended to generate maximum profit. We help you pick the right option from either data centre to edge location or remote offices to enable you to leverage the most from the Azure Stack.


Azure Stack Edge

With Azure Stack Edge, we offer services that allow you to run containerised virtual machines so that you can filter data at the edge and send only the required data to your Azure cloud. Furthermore, you can utilise local cache and bandwidth throttling capabilities to optimise bandwidth when critical business operations are executed.


Azure Stack HCI

With our Azure Stack HCI services, update your existing servers and storage spaces so that they can host and support your modern business applications. You have the flexibility to choose from several deployment options. Benefit from the consolidated virtualised workflows and ensure enhanced operational efficiencies.


Azure Stack Hub

With the exciting capabilities of Azure Stack Hub, you can accelerate your digital transformation journey by swiftly adopting private cloud, building modern infrastructure and upgrading the legacy applications. Use Azure Stack Hub to process data in a local environment and then upload it to the Azure cloud for further computing and analysis.

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