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Streamline Business Activities with Ease and Guaranteed Data Security with Microsoft 365 Services from Exigo Tech

Efficiency is what drives any business towards success. The organisations are using a plethora of tools to communicate with dispersed teams or collaborate on several important files or documents. Switching between different applications consumes a lot of the employees’ time that results into decreased productivity. Also, the IT department has to maintain different applications that deviate from doing their regular operations. Microsoft 365 combines several tools such as Microsoft SharePointTeamsWord, Excel and Outlook that allows you to access productivity applications from a single platform at the security of Microsoft cloud.  

Exigo Tech is a Gold Microsoft partner who possess the proper knowledge of all the applications in the Microsoft 365 suite. Our experts conduct discovery workshops with you to gain an understanding of your routine operations and become able to suggest a solution that complements your business. We understand that enhanced accessibility of applications and data security is your top priority. Our certified professionals create a flexible modern workplace environment where there are limited restrictions, and all your concerns are addressed. Let us connect to discuss the implementation of Microsoft 365 in your business scenario.  

Heightened Communication Quotient with Assured Data Security

Drive Efficiencies and Teamwork Across Your Entire Organisation
with Microsoft 365 Services from Exigo Tech

We, being Gold Microsoft partners are committed to providing the best Microsoft 365 services to organisations of different sizes and verticals.

Ensure smooth remote working experiences by giving your employees access of all the required information on a single Microsoft platform that is backed by our security experts.


Work from anywhere and any device and uplift your customer’s satisfaction levels by answering their queries in a short period.


Exercise tight control over the Microsoft 365 application bundle and rest assured about the confidentiality of the critical company information.


Unearth important business insights and extract reports to be empowered to make data-driven decisions with effective tools such as Microsoft Power BI.

Be Productive from Any Location and Device

What We Offer

We offer complete Microsoft 365 services package starting right from the deployment to the after-sales support services. We take care of every aspect of Microsoft 365 so that you can focus on what you do best.

Consultation Services

We offer consultation services to help you choose the right Microsoft 365 plan after understanding your business operations and application of the product suite in your business environment. We optimise your existing environment so that the migration to Microsoft 365 is hassle-free.


Migration Services

We help you migrate from your current infrastructure to the reliable Microsoft 365 cloud with negligible business interruptions. Our team of experts is trained to support you at any stage of migration whether it is choosing the required licensing or migrating the typical aspects such as Azure Active Directory Connect, DNS or hybrid cloud implementation.


Integration Services

We integrate Microsoft 365 with other applications such as Dynamics 365 so that you can leverage a whole range of benefits. We also integrate the same with your existing application stack to save you extra costs.


Training and Support Services

We train both sets of employees, one who will use the Microsoft 365 applications and the one who will be the administrators for the application suite to ensure that you are able to benefit from the complete capabilities of the Microsoft 365 product range.

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