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IT Managed Service Provider – Your Guiding Star to Take You Away from Subpar Security Stature

Being an IT veteran, I can quote that there are only a few organisations in the world that have never encountered a security breach. The main reason that the security cover of an organisation keeps blowing is that bad actors are getting smarter day by dayHackers keep updating themselves and they try new tools to widen the attack surface and find the loopholes to enter your organisationAlso, due to the increased use of technology, the companies are accumulating heaps and heaps of data which particularly increases the attack surface. This whole situation can overwhelm the IT teams as they have millions of places to monitor and evaluate for security leaks. Here is when you need to liaise with a managed security service provider. To understand the benefits, you can leverage by investing in an IT managed service provider, keep reading. 

What is Managed Security Services?  

Managed security services encompass security at several levels. Your IT managed service provider uses several Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) tools , Intrusion Detection system, anti-virus, firewalls, vulnerability and compliance management tools to tailor your security infrastructure. The managed security service provider offloads your work as they shoulder the tedious task of ensuring security of endpoints and devices in your business scenario and gives you ample time to focus on other strategic activities.  

The image below fairly illustrates the responsibilities that your IT managed service provider takes up for you.

IT Managed Service Provider 1 – Exigo Tech   

Benefits of Onboarding a Managed Security Service Provider  

On the basis of responsibilities, the IT managed services provider shoulder for your organisation, they are becoming a permanent fixture in business environments of all sizes. Your managed services provider’s main focus is on improving your security posture which gives your IT team the time and space to focus on other business imperatives. A few of other benefits of investing in managed services are listed below-  

  • Unparalleled Expertise and Industry Experience  

The managed service providers cater to the requirements of businesses of different domains and scales therefore they are bound to have encountered different issues. As a result of which, they have their bag full of experience. Also, they have used all the standard as well as the uncommon security enhancing tools  which makes them more reliable and responsive if a security breach is attempted.  

  •  Continuous Monitoring and Evaluation   

The IT managed services provider monitor, analyse and investigate codes and attempts made to rupture your security cover. They have an effective plan and business-grade defense plan in place to ensure that hackers are not able to enter your secured infrastructure.   

  • Quick Incident Response   

The digitally transformed organisations are more likely to get attacked by bad actors. It is true that most of the attacks are unsuccessful but if the hackers are able to enter your network, then they can generate an enormous impact. The managed security service providers are equipped to respond to the intrusions and prevent data theft. Once they have acted on the breach, they can use this experience to prepare strategies for other cyber-attacks. The IT managed service provider includes learnings from unsuccessful breaches in their mitigation plans, as well.  

  • Services Scaled or Evolved as Per Your Requirements  

As you are outsourcing your managed security requirements, it is quite easy for you to pick only those services which you require now and pay only for it. For example, you wanted a managed service provider to look after your cloud environment. But after some time, you need them to build a secured network infrastructure for you, as well. You have the flexibility to choose from several plans that suit the current and evolving needs of your business.  

  •  Managed Risks and Compliances  

If you are a part of a highly regulated industry, then it is quintessential for you to keep the compliance levels updated. However, this can be a tedious task when you manage several moving parts of your business. A managed security service provider can utilise their expertise to ensure the security of your assets. Furthermore, they also enable you to remain compliant with the evolving compliances environment. 

Deal with Cyber Security Risks in a Better Manner with Exigo Tech – Your Dependable IT Managed Services Provider

Investment in a managed service provider proves to be a profitable bet when compared with building an inhouse team. However, according to me, it is necessary for you to have a managed security service provider by your side, to not be alone against the millions of attacks that a potential hacker might point to you.  

Exigo Tech has partnered with several of the best vendors in the market and possesses expertise in building a resilient and secured cover for your organisation. Speak to one of our cybersecurity specialists and learn how can we make a difference with our services. Call us on 1300 EXIGOTECH (394 468) or email us at to book an introductory session today. Team up with us to shield your organisation from potential threats and gain peace of mind.  

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