Is your Organisation Ready to Reap the Benefits of Connected Field Service Workers?

Traditional service organisations are frequently faced with major losses because they rely on reactive approaches for installation, maintenance and repair and replacement jobs. This scenario calls for the customer’s intervention which is not ideal. The connected devices with IoT and sensors are gradually changing the manner in which field service organisations are working. Also, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for field service module is enabling the field service workers to connect, collaborate and function seamlessly. With so many developments on your actual work front, you need to learn if your organisation is ready to adapt to these changes.

Points that ensure that your organisation is ready for a connected field service

The organisations with connected field services witness a 25% rise in the technician’s productivity. You can evaluate if your organisation is readyYou are already using a field service platform to achieve the benefits of connected field services on the basis of the following points:

  • You are already using a field service platform
    If you have a platform to connect field services, then this clearly means that you and your team are aware of its functions and capabilities. You won’t require any specialised training to start using advanced software such as MS Dynamics 365 for field service module. Also, as your stakeholders know the benefits of a connected field service, it would be easy for you to decide to invest in the latest solution.
  • Your technicians want to enhance their skills  
    If you receive frequent requests from your technicians to enroll them into programs to improve their skills, then you should be thinking of giving them an apt infrastructure. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for field service module, technicians can access relevant information and generate sales opportunities or pitch aggressively against the competition.
  • Your organisation can generally adapt the latest solutions
    If you want to use the advanced platforms, ensure that your company’s infrastructure can support that, and your team is ready to welcome the change. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for field service module, you are equipped with several features to offer end to end services to any client. You can assign any job to your skilled technician using the automated scheduling feature of field service module. Therefore, it is necessary for you to ensure that the stakeholders have a good idea of every component of the field service module and its impact on the current functioning of the field services.
  • You want to deliver exceptional customer experiences
    If you want to bank on the new form of capital generation which is servitisation where you sell the use of the product and not the product itself, then you know what it means to connect field services and how it can benefit your organisation. For example, you own a car company and you fit sensors on every car’s engine to ensure that your technician is notified about any anomaly. With this practice you shift your gears from being proactive to reactive and deliver superior and timely services to clients.

The Wrap Up

The data collected by connecting field services can be used to predict the maintenance and repairing requirement of any equipment and its longevity can be increased. The frequency of maintenance and repairing jobs required can help you decide on the quality of the products installed and evaluate the reliability of the products supplied by the vendor. The data is present in abundance and connecting field services is the best way to derive actionable insights from it.

To gain the most from the powerful combination of connected devices through IoT and cloud, it is required for your organisation to invest in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for field service module. For gaining an in-depth understanding of the module and dive deep into the pricing structure, contact Exigo Tech. The Exigo Tech team has strong knowledge of Microsoft solutions and the team initiates any project only after understanding how businesses’ function and their requirements. To connect field services to suit your business processes, call 1300 EXIGOTECH (39 44 68) or email us at

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