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Structuring the Unstructured Data – IQ Bot – Exigo Tech

IQ Bot, a bot that is designed to learn and adapt human actions and behaviours, automates those processes that are driven by semi-structured or unstructured data which is mostly found in electronic documents, images and emails. IQ bots benefit from the numerous AI techniques to smartly get the hidden dark data. Dark data is basically that data which is not accessible or digitisable with the conventional RPA only solutions.

The best part of deploying IQ bots is that these learn from the actions of your knowledge workers and imitate the same when similar kind of task appears again. This leaves your knowledge workers to do what they are best at – churn creative ideas, take critical decisions and innovate on the product development front.

Brief Overview of How an IQ Bot Functions

IQ Bots follows a pre-set structured approach that includes a series of steps such as

Identify the processes - IQ Bot - Exigo Tech

Identifies the unstructured content to allow the RPA bot to extract the relevant data.

Acute Understanding of the Processes - IQ Bot - Exigo Tech

Compiles the meaning and gist of the content to accelerate the decision-making process.

Quality Processes - IQ Bot - Exigo Tech

Deploys phonetic algorithms and fuzzy string matching to ensure the quality of the extracted data.

Learn from human actions - IQ Bot - Exigo Tech

Observes human actions, learns from them and attains expertise in the same.

Bridging the Gap Between RPA and Other Cognitive Solutions

IQ bots act as a connector between regular RPA applications and other AI solutions like IBM Watson, Google Cognitive services and more enabling you to realise the benefits of a fully automated process.


What an IQ Bot can Do for your Business?

Exact Categorisation - IQ Bot – Exigo Tech
Automates classification

IQ bots work on the unsupervised learning algorithms and hence automatically classifies content, digitises it and generate necessary outcomes.

Intelligent Digitisation – IQ Bot – Exigo Tech
Digitises intelligently

IQ bots operate over the latest computer vision technologies and hence can extract data which is hidden in the unstructured documents.

Cognitive Automation – IQ Bot – Exigo Tech
Understands human actions and behaviours

IQ bots learn and adapt the actions of humans; replicates the same whenever the need arises ensuring conclusion of task with minimum errors.

Error Prone Processes – IQ Bot – Exigo Tech
Makes business processes prone to errors

IQ bots automate the mundane tasks; extracts data from the ERP; reduces human intervention and hence eliminates the possibility of any mistakes.

Enhanced customer experiences – IQ Bot – Exigo Tech
Lowers the turnaround time

Documents of several types are digitised with the help of technology and hence the services/products are delivered on time.

Applications of an IQ Bot

Whether the business process you want to automate is either related to accounting or to supply chain management, IQ bot backs you up. The bots observe and learn from humans’ actions and repeat the same in the environment saving your time and efforts.

Invoices – IQ Bot – Exigo Tech

Automates the entire process from invoice to payment

Applications for Mortgage – IQ Bot- Exigo Tech
Mortgage Applications

Identifies relevant information from a lengthy document

Claiming Insurance – IQ Bot – Exigo Tech
Insurance Claims

Classifies the documents smartly and extract required data

PO – IQ Bot – Exigo Tech
Purchase Orders

Enters the required records in the system and downloads PO automatically

Expert Insights on Automation

Build an Intelligent Digital Workforce

At Exigo Tech we are enthusiastic about the capabilities of IQ bot and the high-level automation it will bring for your business. According to us, the IQ bot will free up your knowledge workers from the task of extracting and entering data manually and will enable you to achieve more.

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